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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

June 2017


“I am from the first cohort of students that entered when the institution opened up in 1958 and I was

among the first groups of graduates in 1961. Those were the first graduates in Building, Engineering

and Institutional Management. I studied Building and Engineering. Studying at CAST, for me was the

start of everything in my career. I went on to the UK and spent quite a while there continuing with

Engineering. I came back home in 1969. I’ve been abroad again after that to do other things, but my

whole working life has spent here doing Engineering.”

Cowell Lyn,

Retired Engineer

Graduating Class of 1961

Pursued: Building, Engineering and Institutional Management

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 during the President’s reception

for alumni of CAST/UTech, a vox pop was conducted with

some alumni who responded to the question: “In retrospect,

has your CAST/UTech education helped to advance your career


“So straight up yes, my education at UTech really assisted in terms of what I presently do. At the

National Police College I’m still in the field of Education focusing on training, development and so

on, so I am benefitting now from the training that I received at UTech. It affords me an opportunity

to apply technology to education. I thought I got excellent support as a student at UTech. Even with

the library I found it was easy for me to find materials to do research, to assist with assignments,

the lecturers were very supportive. Dr. Cynthia Onyefulu in particular was very helpful when I was

having challenges with doing my research. She was most supportive, even after the course ended

we still maintained a level of friendship; she is still like a mentor to me…”

Christopher Phillips

Deputy Superintendent of Police, National Police College of Jamaica

Graduating Class of 2012

Pursued: MSC in Workforce Education and Development, FELS

“I did the BBA and majored in Management. They called it agony, stress and tension. It was

really just that but it prepared me for the working world. Psychology was my favorite subject,

as well as Management on a whole and Business Ethics. When I was finished, I was ready to

move mountains, I could do anything. I got promoted. I am a Marketer by profession and I

could do anything I got. I go all over the place, travel all over the world. I was able to talk to

anybody. I’m in insurance and my preparation at UTech, now helps me to relate to anybody.”

Jacqueline Daley

Financial Advisor, Guardian Life Insurance Company

Graduation Class of 1995

Pursued: Bachelor of Business Administration (Majored in Management)


My CAST/UTech education