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June 2017

| VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica

“I operate my own real estate company. The Real Estate Offices of Joan A. Latty. After I did this

particular degree, it allowed me firstly to have gotten a promotion. At that time I was with Victoria

Mutual. If I hadn’t done it, I would not have been promoted… UTech is known for the hands-on

training; students benefit from a lot of practical experience and group projects are also very helpful

in preparing you for the real world of work. I came back later to UTech to do the Salesman for

Real Estate course and I came back again and did the Dealer’s course. So I had like three different

experiences here at UTech and now I’m operating my own business.”

Joan Latty

Real Estate Broker

Graduating Class of 1999

Pursued: Bachelor of Science in Administrative Management

“UTech has been the primary institution for the profession in the teaching and training of pharmacists,

so of course it has contributed totally to my development as a Pharmacist. There wasn’t anywhere

else to get that profession at that time and I like that it was also affordable at that time.”

Leonie Wallace


Graduating Class of 1987

Pursued: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

“I graduated in 2014 from the Faculty of Law. I hold an LLB. I’m employed as a paralegal. Now,

how has UTech really assisted in my career development? Well I studied Law, so that pushed me

into that career path; I really want to become a lawyer but then on the flip-side the issue with UTech

and getting into Norman Manley Law School is really affecting me. You know matriculating over to

Norman Manley… but apart from that, I don’t think I made a wrong decision coming to UTech.”

Mishka Murray


Graduating Class of 2014

Pursued: Bachelor of Laws

“I’m a former member of the JDF Coast Guard. The MBA was very significant for me primarily

because it was actually my second Master’s. My first Master’s was done at the World Maritime

University where I did an MSc. in Maritime Affairs Based on where I wanted to go as far as my

career was concerned, the MBA at UTech was very helpful. As a working person I liked the flexibility

of doing classes on a Saturday or a Sunday.”

Lieutenant Commander Paul Wright

Chief Executive Officer, Fisheries Division, Ministry of Industry Commerce,

Agriculture and Fisheries

Class of 2015

Pursued: Master’s in Business Administration


“My CAST/UTech education”