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“I found it to be very rounded. Although my major was in Dietetics and Nutrition, I found that I could

do management, I could do research and I could do some IT. My first degree was in Dietetics and

Nutrition and now I am a Financial Advisor. I made the transition after I went to the Ministry of Health

and surprisingly I started most of my work in research. I did about six years of research at the Ministry

of Health. So that veered me away from the more technical side of Dietetics in which I have been

counseling persons, putting them on diets that improve their health or rehabilitate their health, etc.

To be honest financial advising is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I got an opportunity. I

drew from some of the courses that I did at UTech, so at the end of the day yes UTech has grounded

me basically to transition to almost any other profession even if it’s not directly related to the field that

I’ve studied.”

Tennien Black

Financial Advisor, Chancellor Insurance Agency

Class of 2003

Pursued: BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition


“My CAST/UTech education”

“As a graduate of UTech I can surely say that UTech has been my platform. This was really where I

was exposed to everything - social interaction, the whole aspect of team work which allows you to be

disciplined, allows you to develop patience, develop character building and growth and to be positive and


The good thing about it is that I applied here at UTech after I finished the first degree and then I got a job

in Student Services immediately after I left school. I really was just transitioned into the university life.”

Arlene Fisher

Administrative Support, Office of the Deputy President

Class of 2007 and 2010

Pursued: Bachelor for Business Administrative & Master of Business Administration

Prof. Colin Gyles, (left) Deputy President, presents Mr

Ronald Sutherland, President, UTech, Jamaica Alumni

Association (Jamaica Chapter) and General Manager of

FYAH 105 FM with the Distinguished Past Student Award.

The citation on Mr Sutherland, who is also a member

of the University’s Council, praised him for his valuable

contribution of service to UTech, Jamaica and for his role

in the development of the alumni association and the

wider University community. The award was presented

during the annual University Awards Ceremony held at the

Alfred Sangster Auditorium on May 26, 2017.

Distinguished Past Student Award

VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

June 2017