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April 2017

| VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica

“They should offer a lot of courses because you want to give persons

the equal opportunity, not just courses in Science and Technology.

Everybody wants a chance so everyone should be given a chance.”

Danniell Brown, Year 3

Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies

“Why I don’t think the University should offer courses only in science

and technology is that there are a lot of students worldwide and

everybody have different areas in which they want to study. When the

University offers more courses, they will have more students and it will

build, basically.”

Omar Worrell, Year 1

Faculty of Engineering and Computing

“No. CAST as it formerly was may have been conceptualised as the

College of Arts, Science and Technology as the name says but I think we

have moved far beyond that and as the other top University within the

country, you need to offer a varied course offerings and not just be limited

to science and technology. So I don’t think that it should just do courses

or offer programmes for science and technology because the demands of

the population in terms of persons who want to do higher education, is

far more than just science and technology and I don’t think that the other

options that we have would be able to satisfy every person who wants

higher education. So if UTech were just limited to science and technology,

I think it would leave a great portion of the population desirous of higher

education not served. “

Mrs. Antoinette Burton-Steer, Year 3

Faculty of Law


“Should the University offer courses only in science and technology?

Why or Why not?”