Nelson Sharon, Mrs

Nelson Sharon, Mrs

Sharon Nelson’s focus is on Caribbean Economic Development, particularly in the agricultural and agro-industrial subsectors.  A particular focus of Sharon’s research is the role of pandemics in economic history and the untapped potential of the mango fruit to the Jamaican Economy. Areas of current interest include economic history, productivity, technological innovation, climate change, inflation targeting and project development, evaluation and management.   

Sharon has a keen interest in the impact of climate change on the premium Blue Mountain Coffee product and further to this, has worked with the Coffee Growers Association- ( a farmers’ cooperative) and with individual Blue Mountain Coffee Farmers.  She has also collaborated with researchers from the United States and Latin America and has been instrumental in the procurement and installation of an irrigation pilot and solar dryer system using locally available materials for the farmers.  Her interest and research on climate change have led to engagement with farmers in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and Israel.

In the Economics Division of The University of Technology, Jamaica, Sharon teaches courses in Philosophy (Introduction to Logic), Caribbean Economic Environment, Research Methodology and Agricultural Economics.