The course is designed to provide foundation training in singing, theory, note reading and the history of music. Participants are stimulated to create their own musical compositions through the learning of basic harmony. They are encouraged to develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for musical genres and styles.

The programme encourages students to effectively use the voice, the most available musical instrument, to express their own culture and to explore the culture of others. It emphasizes the development of each student’s ability to sing well by providing relevant techniques, principles and practices.

After completing this course, students should have a basic knowledge of the rudiments of music, and demonstrate an appreciation for the voice as an instrument to be nurtured and developed. Accordingly, they should understand the importance of the body parts utilized in the production of sound and demonstrate an ability to use these resources effectively. Participants should also be able to use the voice as a vehicle for cultural expression, and demonstrate the ability to listen to, analyze and respond to music.

Music Elective is offered Semesters 1 and 2, Mondays 1-3pm, Wednesdays 1-3pm and Thursdays 5-8pm.

Music Extracurricular (Choir) is offered Semesters 1 and 2, Mondays 6-8pm and Thursdays 3-5pm.