About Us


Centre for the Arts was established in 1998 at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica) to link the arts with science and technology. Its focus, like its strategic positioning in the “heart” of the University’s campus, is geared toward helping its clients find their centre – a place where they arrive at a greater consciousness, confidence, competence, and courage to fulfil their potential.


  • Providing a place where students develop a greater sense of consciousness, confidence, competence and courage to fulfil their true potential in the creative industries, with a focus on the Visual and Performing Arts. 
  • Ensuring students are provided with comparative education in the Visual and Performing Arts. 
  • Satisfying the cultural needs of the University of Technology, Jamaica as well as external clients. 
  • Guiding policy directives concerning culture and heritage at the University.
  • Extending the social, academic and economic reach of students and staff in the creative industries.
  • Increasing the visibility of the CFA locally, regionally and internationally.


Director's Message

At the University of Technology Jamaica, we believe in the development of the many facets of the student. No one is one dimensional and the reason the Centre for the Arts (CFA) exists is to nurture and actualize the UTech, Jamaica student into their true self.

Dance, drama, visual art,music and song are a few elements that are taught as disciplines at the Centre. We train, expose and engage students in the production of total theatre. CFA gives students a greater appreciation of the visual and performing arts which aids in their social and professional success. UTech, Jamaica is now poised to impact the world through the arts and entertainment as the level of training and exposure that the Centre provides will equip students making them marketable citizens of the world.

We focus on the teaching and preservation of culture through various programmes, festivals, seminars and inspiring classes. We also have full responsibility for the Caribbean’s first sculpture park. The Caribbean Sculpture Park is an open air museum where students can feed their creativity as well as relax and appreciate art and is also a sought after venue for performances and guided tours.

Mr. Philip Clarke
Director, Arts and Culture
University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica)
January 25, 2016