Job Fair

Career and Placement Unit hosts an annual Job Fair in Semester Two (2) of each academic year. The aim of the Fair is to provide an opportunity for students to meet, network with a variety of interested Human Resource Professionals and organizations as well as to learn about job and internship opportunities. 

Job Fair Objectives

  • Introduce prospective employers to our final year students.
  • Expose students to entrepreneurial project sponsors.
  • Initiate the networking process between prospective graduates and prospective employers.
  • Allow students to experience real interviews.
  • Showcase students' skills and competencies to employers and project sponsors.
  • Facilitate the opportunities for our students to gain employment.
  • Stimulate students' interest in career building possibilities.


 Prepare for Job Fair 

- Interested Sponsors and Exhibitors may reach out to Charmaine Lewis on 876 317-7445 or 876 970 5030

Register here

- Recruiters across various industries may also reach out to us.

Job Fair