Work and Travel Programme

Are you interested in experiencing other cultures and meeting new, international friends? Are you seeking to earn some extra money this summer? Then, maybe the Summer Work and Travel Programme is just for you!

The University, in an effort to protect its students when they seek employment through Overseas Employment Agencies, deems it necessary to create a framework within which they should operate.   The purpose therefore, is to propose a few policies and requirements of students by which the University will promote/support these Summer Work and Travel Programmes being advertised on the University’s campus

What is the Summer Work and Travel Programme? 

The Summer Work and Travel Programme provides post-secondary students with the opportunity to experience the customs, cultures and daily life of another country.

The focus of the programme is to enhance the understanding of diverse cultures through daily interaction with people from across the globe, inside and out of business environments.

This programme facilitates travel and temporary work for students for a period of up to four (4) months during their summer vacation.

How do you become a participant?                                    

Step 1— Report to  the Career and Placement Unit to get a list of the agencies that are approved  by the university.

Step 2  - Choose carefully, the agency that you think  is best suited for you.

Step 3  - Make contact with the agency for registration, after which  the  agency will provide you with additional information about the necessary procedures to follow to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions-  Approved Agencies


What responsibilities do the agencies have to you?

  • Host a sensitization session to prepare students for the expectations of the host country and its employers prior to the departure.
  • See to it that student documentations are correctly processed before departing the home country at the agencies expense.
  • Ensure that students are successfully placed in a job before entrance to the host country.
  • Inform host country employers of the arrival and departure date of the students.
  • See to it that the housing arrangements are suitable. Inspect and sign off on the housing arrangements. Where the arrangements are inadequate, make suitable replacement arrangements.
  • Assist students in attaining insurance claims

What are your responsibilities?

Following are the responsibilities of the Student which are to:

  • Read the contractual agreement carefully before signing and do the required research on the Agency.
  • Take a "Care Package" which should include: a supply of toiletries, snacks and tin foods, to last for approximately 2 weeks.
  • Observe all laws and protocols of the host country you wish to seek employment.

Responsibilities of the University

  • Although the University recognizes the need for students to seek employment in an effort to finance their tertiary education, the University is by no means sanctioning any claims or commitments made by these Overseas Employment Agencies and will not accept liability for any damage caused in the process. The onus lies with the student to research the chosen Agency carefully before making a decision on the one that they will register with.

Approved Agencies Contact Information






STEEP International

Denise Minott




First Class Cultural Travel Experience

Sanjay Anderson


SWAT Productions Limited

Monica Foster

876-445-2700 (Digi) 

876-581-0933 (Digi) 

876-328-4749 ((Digi) 

876-537-3021 (Digi)

Summer Choice Work and Travel

876-820-2844 (Flow) 

876-422-8556 (Digi.) 

876-942-5792 (Office)

McLean's Travel Agency for Students Ltd.

876-835-0673 (Flow) 

876-665-4617 ext807

Work Abroad Jamaica

876-908-1245 (Office)

876-507-3148 (Office)

Global Insight International Exchange Limited


Tel: (876) 433-2544

 (876) 779-4634

(876 )809-6533


May’Fos Work and Travel






Explore Your World













876 615-5243

876 615-5244