Specialisation Areas

Architecture + Construction Technology and Management + Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change + Geomatics and Geoinformatics + Urban and Rural Land Management

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The Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy in The Built Environment offers applied research in the areas of Architecture, Construction Technology and Management, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Geomatics and Geoinformatics, as well as Urban and Rural Land Management to researchers and university networks with partnerships in industry and international entities. It presents world-ready graduates with expertise as leaders in these fields. We demonstrate how Caribbean territories contribute and are impacted nationally, regionally, and internationally to produce live research responses and solutions for built environment professions, especially with Caribbean issues to the world


allowing research on history and theory, innovation, urban regeneration, conservation, sustainability, technology, design, landscape architecture, tropicalism, and cultural frameworks





enabling research emphasis on developments, contracts, costing, planning, services, maintenance, systems, and facilities





giving research direction in energy, resources, communities, strategies, economies, developments, governance, and international policy





forging geo-spatial technological advancements for modeling, mapping, designing, disaster, risk prevention, and management





emphasising history, theory, land governance, transportation, infrastructure, real-estate, food security, agriculture, integrated design, zoning, development, environment, urban and rural cultural landscapes

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