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FOBE Built Environment doctoral research offers five Specialisation Areas: Architecture + Construction Technology and Management + Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change + Geomatics and Geoinformatics + Urban and Rural Land Management

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Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy in the Built Environment goal is to engender excellent world-class researchers to apply solutions for the benefit of communities, governments, private sector, civil society, international entities, with built environment sustainability to alleviate poverty, enable resilience and help save lives 

The MPhil/PhD in the Built Environment is a cross-disciplinary research programme that integrates both Schools inside the Faculty of The Built Environment (FOBE), namely the Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) and the School of Building and Land Management (SBLM). Administratively, it is managed under the SBLM with its five Specialisation Areas creating the integrated framework between both Schools

This programme invites researchers to redress threats of the natural elements in the environment in climate change with issues for shelter, food, transportation, tourism, and sports among others. It targets Caribbean and Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) with a global reach to meet an ever increasing population especially in urban areas. It galvanises opportunities nationally, regionally and internationally to fill gaps in research and publication on the English Caribbean as a sub-region rich in multi-cultural diversity and representation

We define the built environment as:

Designed man-made structures, features, and facilities viewed collectively as an environment, in which people live and work, as the humanised world fabricated into the natural environment where as humans we cohabit and exist in balance and harmony with the land, water, air, plants, and animals in the natural world for the sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem towards the continued viability of all life-forms in this system, and research on how the Caribbean contributes globally and is impacted

Doctoral students from the FOBE MPhil/PhD in the Built Environment use the port city of Kingston, Jamaica as one of their key laboratories for field research. On occasions, the programme encourages other students to collaborate through its FOBE Downtown Cities Lab@KRC to interface with private and public sectors, civil society, and related international partnersKRC Inauguration group 2020jan23 January 23, 2019 inauguration of the FOBE Downtown Cities Lab@KRC


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