About the School

About the School

The School of Pharmacy at the University of Technology, Jamaica is the largest in the English speaking Caribbean with a student body of over 350. The pharmacy programme was one of the first programmes offered by the then College of Arts, Science & Technology, (C.A.S.T.).

Since 1962, institutionalised training of pharmacists for Jamaica and other Caribbean islands has been done at UTech. At that time the pharmacists were trained through the Science Department. In 1995 the Department was expanded into Faculty of Health & Applied Sciences with two arms - School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and the Department of Sciences and Mathematics. In August 2009 the newly formed School of Pharmacy was positioned in the College of Health Sciences.

The School of Pharmacy offers certificate, bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

These include:

  • The Pharmacy Technician programme -18 months; full-time
    Bachelor of Pharmacy programme - 4 years; full-time
    Post-Diploma Bachelor of Pharmacy programme - 1 year; full-time
  • The Doctor of Pharmacy - 3 years; part-time
  • BSc. in Pharmaceutical Technology – 4 years; full-time
  • Master of Philosophy, Pharmaceutics – 18 months/full-time; 3 years/part-time
  • PhD. Pharmaceutics – 3 years/full-time; 4 years/part-time

The Bachelor of Pharmacy programme is accredited by University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) and continues to produce graduates that are highly motivated, current and who continue to make significant contribution to the delivery of health care in Jamaica, across the Caribbean region and the World.