Dean's Message

Dr. Adella Campbell

It is my absolute delight to welcome you to the College of Health Sciences, University of Technology, Jamaica. We are even more excited that despite the many options available to you, you chose to pursue your studies here in the College of Health Sciences.

Is there a place for you locally, regionally and internationally? I can assure you, there is. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),  "Health systems can only function with health workers; improving health service coverage and realizing the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is dependent on their availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality." Additionally, WHO estimated that there will be need for 10 million health workers by 2030, especially in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

Just in case you missed this very important observation, the COVID-19 pandemic caught us unprepared and further demonstrated that countries must invest in the health workforce to promote health, treat illness, and respond to emergencies.  

Globally, countries face major challenges as they seek to provide the necessary health and social systems inter alia to meet the demands of demographic shifts. It is clear that you have an important role to play as we attempt to cauterise these challenges and those associated with an under resourced health system, inaccessibility to well needed healthcare services; as well as the need to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Of note, is that we align closely to the overall strategic goals of university, which include (1) improving student enrolment (2) increasing graduate quality (3) improving relevance and impact (4) increasing service delivery (5) enhancing financial viability (6) improving execution capability.

Our vision therefore, is to become a Centre of Excellence in the University through the provision of courses of study in Health Sciences that produce work ready leaders through quality teaching, research, and services. Similarly, through our mission, the College of Health Sciences is committed to advancing excellence to stakeholders through health services, education and research thereby building a positive work environment while demonstrating social responsibilities.

To achieve our mission, we have a cadre of highly qualified staff who are not only engaged in the teaching learning process, and advisement but also in research and community service.

The College offers several services as well as undergraduate and graduate courses of study. The following units and school and units are instrumental in the delivery of services and courses of study and the achievement of our mission generally:

  1. School of Allied Health and Wellness
  2. The Caribbean School of Nursing
  3. The School of Pharmacy
  4. The Cynthia Shako Day Care Centre
  5. The UTech Jamaica Pharmacy
  6. The UTech Jamaica/Mustard Seed Communities
  7. The Shelly-Ann Fraser Assessment Centre for Children
  8. Caribbean Poison and Information Network Centre
  9. The UTech Jamaica Wellness Centre

You will agree with me, that having pursued your studies here in the College of Health Sciences, you will not only earn a qualification at the end, rather you would have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills required to positively impact the health industry, the nation, the region and beyond.

I implore you to make the most of the opportunity, seek advisement and assistance when required not when there is a crisis. Pay keen attention to enrolment guidelines and deadlines, and stay focused.

Best wishes on your journey here at the University of Technology, Jamaica and more specifically the College of Health Sciences.

Adella Campbell J.P., PhD, LLB, MSc, BSc, RM, RN.

Associate Professor and Dean