UTech, Jamaica Installs Fifth Pro-Chancellor, Mr. Aldrick McNab and Fifth President, Dr. Kevin Brown

Hon. Fayval Williams (2nd left), Minister of Education and Youth shares a photo with newly installed Fifth Pro- Chancellor of the University of Technology, Jamaica, Aldrick McNab (left) and newly installed Fifth President, Dr. Kevin Brown (3rd right) following the Installation Ceremony for the new Pro-Chancellor and President held at the university’s Alfred Sangster auditorium, Papine Campus on Thursday, April 11, 2024.  Sharing in the historic occasion are Ambassador Lloyd Carney (3rd left) Chancellor, Dr. Kassan Troupe (2nd left) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Youth and Prof. Shermaine Barrett, Acting Deputy President, UTech, Jamaica.

The University of Technology, Jamaica, on Thursday, April 11, 2024, marked a significant institutional milestone with the installation of its Fifth Pro-chancellor Aldrick McNab, eminent sportsman, broadcaster, and entrepreneur and Fifth President, Dr. Kevin Brown PhD, an accomplished academic and aerospace engineer and the first UTech, Ja. alumnus to ascend to the role of President of the 65 year old institution.

A capacity audience of members of Government, the diplomatic corps, leaders of private and public sector organizations, the wider UTech, Jamaica community and guests joining online from Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and the diaspora, witnessed the historic ceremony held at the university’s Alfred Sangster Auditorium, Papine Campus.

Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica, Ambassador, Lloyd Carney, who presided over the proceedings, thanked Mr. McNab and Dr. Kevin Brown for their commitment to serving the University of Technology, Jamaica. He also used the occasion to thank all stakeholders for their support in building the institution.

A Remarkable Precedence

Governor General His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen who is also the Statutory Visitor of the university in congratulating Mr. McNab and Dr. Brown, noted that their collective achievement reflects the kind of success needed to take the institution forward.

“As we celebrate the installation of Mr. McNab and Dr. Brown, we also reaffirm our commitment to the principles enshrined in our Charter.  Their distinguished careers marked by achievements in academia, sports and community service exemplifies the very essence of leadership that our university aspires to achieve” Sir Patrick Allen noted.

The Governor General further noted, “Mr. McNab’s multifaceted contribution to sport and academia coupled with Dr. Brown’s groundbreaking work in aerospace engineering and technology set a remarkable precedence for our students and faculty alike.” He encouraged the UTech, Jamaica team to  “embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit” underscoring the fact that societies today stand on “the threshold of a new era.”

A Commitment to Academic Excellence and Institutional Growth

Hon. Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth in bringing remarks noted that the Installation of the both the President and the Pro- Chancellor marked, a “significant milestone” in the history of UTech, Jamaica as it is a “reaffirmation of our commitment to academic excellence and institutional growth.”

In sharing her support for the appointment of Mr. McNab, Minister Williams noted that, “his dedication to the advancement of education and youth development aligns perfectly with the institutional goals and I have full confidence in his ability to represent UTech with distinction and integrity.”  Endorsing the appointment of Dr. Kevin Brown, the Minister stated that, “his technical proficiency in complex aerospace structural system design coupled with his visionary leadership makes him the ideal candidate to lead the institution into the future.”

She extended heartfelt congratulations and pledged her unwavering support to the University throughout this transition of academic excellence, adding, “I look forward to continued growth and transformation of the university as it continues to produce globally aware, responsible citizens who are prepared for an ever-changing world.”

Pro-Chancellor’s Inaugural Address

Newly installed Pro-Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica, Mr. Aldrick McNab, receives the instrument of office from The Honourable Fayval Williams MP, Minister of Education and Youth during the installation Ceremony for UTech, Ja’s Fifth Pro-Chancellor and Fifth President on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium at the institution’s Papine Campus.

Pro-Chancellor, Mr. Aldrick McNab prefaced his inaugural address with a reference to the popular quote from the late Lou Rose, singer and musician who stated, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  On the premise of that potent reminder, Mr. McNab emphasized that “education isn’t something you can finish,” further noting that “the capacity to learn is a gift” and “a skill.” He expressed profound gratitude to the executive leadership body of UTech, Ja for bestowing upon him, the opportunity to engage in the process of higher learning.

“I am indeed honoured and humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of the process of higher learning in helping to shape and guide the mindset and skillets of our young people who will certainly one day, be the movers and shaper of tomorrow: students of UTech, who will navigate, dictate and perhaps, even illustrate what the future of Jamaica will look like” Mr. McNab asserted.

The Pro-Chancellor who has served on the University’s Council, Academic Board and in advisory capacities at UTech, Jamaica for the past 18 years, also commended members of faculty and staff for their years of unwavering dedication and support even in light of the challenges by which the institution has been plagued for decades.  “Teachers don’t teach for the income: they teach for the outcome,” he stated to applause. 

Speaking to rapidly evolving changes in technology and innovation, Mr.McNab also used the occasion to  caution the audience against being “fearful” of new innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) encouraging them rather to remain “curious.”  He noted that “We have to democratize AI Technology. We cannot allow AI to mystify us” as “AI is only the beginning of the next industrial revolution and that revolution is not of food nor is it of energy, it is the production of intelligence.” He added “we must find a way to activate ourselves to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence.”

An Atmosphere of Family

Referencing the lyrics from the UTech, Ja Song, Mr. McNab urged stakeholder to “build a future together” noting further that, “here at UTech, we wish to create an atmosphere of ‘once you go, you know’ – an atmosphere of family with our students, management and ancillary staff.  We wish to create a spirit of ‘wanting to come to the university every day’…together we will create that.” The Pro-Chancellor concluded his address by calling on students and staff of the University to use that blueprint to “leave an imprint that no one else can.”

President’s Inaugural Address

Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica, Ambassador Lloyd Carney (left) affixes the official President’s Cap in installing President of UTech, Jamaica, Dr. Kevin during an official Installation Ceremony for the Fifth Pro-Chancellor and Fifth President held at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium at the institution’s Papine Campus on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

Dr. Kevin Brown, newly installed President, in  his inaugural address detailed his journey of growing up in a single parent household with his mother and acknowledged the significant support of his grandmother in his life. Although she worked in the market, Dr. Brown’s grandmother made it clear, “this is not for you, education is going to take you out of this.”

He took those words to heart and worked hard while pursuing a diploma in Mechanical Engineering at UTech, Jamaica where he was also Students’ Union President.  This allowed him to pursue further studies and to become a trailblazer in academia and the aerospace industry for over 18 years.

Crediting UTech, Jamaica for his success, he shared that the institution enabled him to achieve his dreams. He explained that his decision to leave the UK and take on a leadership role at UTech, Jamaica was influenced by the profound impact the institution had on his life, emphasizing its role in shaping “leaders of tomorrow.”

As Jamaica’s premier STEM university, Dr. Brown noted that the institution is focused on providing students with the education needed to excel in a rapidly changing, technologically driven world, noting “we have many courses aligned to the technological changes that are happening including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and much more.”

Focusing on the growth of UTech, Jamaica, Dr. Brown expressed, “it is with a profound feeling of humility, honour and privilege that I stand here this afternoon to formally accept the challenge of taking this university forward on its well-established journey of excellence through knowledge.”

In outlining his vision for transforming the university, Dr. Brown shared aspects of his strategic plan, using the acronym RESET.  “UTech has been at the service of this country and we will continue to do.  We will continue to do so under a new vision…a reset…a recalibration as we adapt to the changes that are occurring in society, technological and otherwise.”  In effecting this RESET vision , Dr. Kevin Brown explained that “going forward, UTech, Jamaica will be Research driven…Expand access…Student centered…Entrepreneurial and Technology focused.”

He emphasized the institution’s ability to achieve this vision noting that although “STEM is the new buzzword, UTech has been doing STEM for 65 years” thus indicating that the university has remained committed to its mission of being technology focused.  The president added that “under RESET we will see a transition” while further explaining that students can look towards acquiring “stackable credentials” while they pursue their four year degrees. He also mentioned, “we will upgrade our infrastructure. We have already started to do that.  We have many courses now aligned with the technological changes that are happening including Artificial Intelligence, cyber security and much more.” As it relates to expanding access the president stated that UTech, Jamaica “looks forward to joining the sixth form pathway programme as a STEM provider” allowing students from a range of backgrounds at the secondary level to easily matriculate into UTech, Ja. 

The President concluded his address stating that the University of Technology, Jamaica “is a national treasure…it changed my life… I am so honoured and privileged to have to task to lead the institution and I just want to say thank you.”  He pledged his commitment to “working with all of you as we move our university our country to growth and prosperity.”

Chancellor's address

Ambassador Lloyd Carney, Chancellor, UTech, Jamaica presides over the Installation Ceremony for the Fifth Pro-Chancellor and Fifth President held at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium on Thursday, April 11, 2024.  The event was well attended by members of government, members of the diplomatic corps ,alumni, representatives of tertiary institutions and orporate Jamaica.  Pictured in the front row (l-r) are The Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General, The Most Honourable Lady Allen, The Hon. Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth,  Prof. Judy Muthuri, wife, Dr. Kevin Brown and Ms. Barbara Campbell, mother, Dr. Kevin Brown. 

The President and his family

Newly Installed President of the University of Technology, Jamaica, Dr. Kevin Brown (3rd left) shares a photo with members of his family (from left to right), Professor Judy Muthuri, wife, Kimathi Brown, son, Ms .Cherry Dehaney, aunt, Ms. Barabara Campbell, mother and Mrs. Wendy Adams- Hughs, sister after the Installation Ceremony for the Fifth Pro-Chancellor and Fifth President held at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium at the institution’s Papine Campus on Thursday, April 11, 2024.  Beaming with joy in the front row is Dr. Brown's daughter, Zuri.

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