Legal Instruments

The University of Technology, Jamaica Act has two Schedules; the first – The Charter, and the
second – The Statutes. Ordinances, Regulations, Policies and decisions of the Council are subsidiary rules supporting the main instruments.

The Objects of the University as stipulated in the First Schedule – the Charter, are as follows:

(a) “to advance education and development of technology through a variety of patterns, levels and modes of study and by a diversity of means by encouraging and developing learning and creativity for sustainable development for the benefit of the people of Jamaica, the Caribbean and elsewhere;
(b) to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge and culture through teaching, scholarship and research;
(c) to make available the results of such research and service to promote wisdom and understanding by the example and influence of corporate life.”

The University operates under a bicameral system of governance comprising a governing
body – the University Council – and an academic arm – the Academic Board. Faculty
Boards, which report to the Academic Board, are provided for in the Charter and Statutes.