UTech, Jamaica Press Unveils New Book: “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica” by Professor Paul Golding

L-R: Participating in the unveiling of a replica of the cover of the book, “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica” by author Professor Paul Golding (left), Professor of Management and Information Systems, College of Business and Management, UTech, Jamaica, Dr. Paul Ivey, Associate Vice President, School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship, Editor, Ms. Jennifer Cheesman and Professor Golding’s son, Daniel at the ceremony for the launch of the book on November 24, 2022, at the Shared Facilities Building, UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus. 

New book off the UTech, Jamaica Press by educator, prolific researcher and writer, Professor Paul Golding, DBA, has brought sharp focus to the myriad local and global socio-economic events occurring during the period of the first 21 years of the 21st century, (2000 - 2021) documented from his perspective as a Jamaican observer.  The book was unveiled at a special launch ceremony on Thursday, November 24, 2022, at the UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus. 

Titled “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica,” the author told the gathering of academics, administrators, students, representatives of civil society groups, the Deaf community and members of his family and friends in attendance at the launch ceremony, that his motivation to pen the book stemmed from a perceived need to document and learn from our own history. “These are issues that occurred in the first 21 years of the 21st century and we should be able to look back at it and use it as a means of going forward because the past is in the present, it is not separate,” Professor Golding asserted. 

In his remarks, Professor Golding who is Professor of Management and Information Systems, College of Business and Management, UTech, Jamaica and an adjunct lecturer at The University of the West Indies, (Mona) shared his thoughts against the backdrop of the need for a greater sense and culture of shared values and civility in society.  In this context, the author heaped accolades on his mentors – his father whom he noted held strong Pan-Africanist views and ethical values; his high school History teacher, Mr. Lloyd McFarlane; his “character builder” Rev. Winston McKay and the late Mr. Martin Henry, first Manager of the UTech, Jamaica Press whom he noted, “helped me to transition from writing academic papers to writing for different audiences.” 

Guest speaker at the book launch, Mr. Gary Allen, Managing Director, RJR/Gleaner Communications Group saluted Professor Golding on the “academic discipline, current affairs diligence and the contextual brilliance that has been achieved in this work,” adding that it is “a work to be proud of nationally, regionally, academically because it is one for the ages.” He described the book as “a compact but detailed, refreshing and exciting contextual review of the major developments, locally, regionally and globally for the first 21 years of the 21st century.” 

Noting that he had the pleasure of reviewing the book’s manuscript at the author’s request, Mr. Allen lauded the work for its public value in providing information on various sectors of our society looking at major news, current affairs, media activities, the changes and developments in ICT, telecommunications, political and economic events, and how these have impacted different aspects of life and the way we now operate or no longer do.    

The media boss also used the occasion to point out that the book also provides an example of how to write well, with clarity and demonstrating good use of the language.  In contrast, Mr. Allen lamented the deficiencies in the mastery of the English Language grammar in his experience, by some university graduates, as well as seen in both traditional and new social media platforms where persons offer their oftentimes biased and unresearched opinions.  In this context, Mr. Allen called for industry and academia to “collaborate on how we will address this matter” to ensure that Jamaican citizens can compete in the global economy. 

Manager of the UTech, Jamaica Press, Dr. Paul Ivey who is also Associate Vice President, School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship in his overview, explained that The University of Technology, Jamaica Press which was launched in February 2018 as a unit under the Office of the President has been established “to promote research and publications primarily among members of the University Community.”  The Press is intended to provide an avenue for academic staff and other members of the University Community to publish the results of their research, and to produce works that will bring together established as well as new knowledge.  

Since its inception, the UTech, Jamaica Press has published nine books which Dr. Ivey noted represents “a solid body of scholarship coming out of our university and befitting the standing of our institution.” Dr. Ivey revealed that six new titles by authors from within the University are currently under consideration by the Press and encouraged persons to purchase copies of the published books which are available in paperback at Amazon.com and in electronic format on Book Fusion. 

A comprehensive introduction of the author was offered by duo of educators, Dr. Andrea Sutherland, Dean, College of Business and Management and Dr. Lisa Facey Shaw, Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Computing who took the audience on a veritable timeline of Professor Golding’s multi-faceted journey in teaching of business and ICT and his wide-ranging research work, conference presentations, publications and community service. They also shared snippets of his personal devotion as husband to beloved wife and supporter, Andrea (recently deceased) and father to their son, Daniel.  

Dr. Andrea Sutherland, (left) Dean, College of Business and Management and Dr. Lisa Facey Shaw, Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology, FENC share duties in introducing author, Professor Paul Golding. 

Highlighting one of his proudest accomplishments, Dr. Sutherland noted Professor Golding’s work with, and advocacy for the Deaf Community which fuelled his development of a pioneering software launched in 2014.  Dubbed UTouch, the software uses Jamaican sign language to teach English Language to deaf and hard of hearing students. Professor Golding has also been instrumental in enabling the matriculation of Deaf students Amakeda Wallen and Celine Lobban from the Lister Mair Gilby School for the Deaf to UTech, Jamaica and has been an unwavering tower of support to the students during their university journey.  Both Amakeda and Celine graduated from UTech, Jamaica on November 11, 2022 with the Bachelor of Business Administration in General Management, International Business and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Information Systems degrees, respectively. 

The book launch was expertly steered by Master of Ceremonies Mr. Hector Wheeler, Associate Vice President, Advancement Division, UTech, Jamaica.  

Copies of Professor Golding’s book and the other titles produced by the UTech, Jamaica Press are available in paperback from Amazon.com and in electronic format on Book Fusion. 

Book Presentations 

Mr. Lloyd McFarlane (right), Professor Golding’s history teach adds words of congratulations following his receipt of  a copy of the book. 

Rev. Winston McKay (right) receives a copy of “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica” from author Professor Paul Golding.

Prof. Paul Golding presents a copy of his book to daughter of the late Mr. Martin Henry, Miss Lori Henry (left) and wife Mrs. Jacqueline Henry.

Professor Paul Golding (left) and Mr. Gary Allen share a firm handshake as Allen receives a copy of “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica”

Prof. Paul Golding (left) receives a gift from his former UTech, Jamaica student Mr. Ohran Cato who was part of the sponsoring team from Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) who provided refreshments following the book launch ceremony.

Guests write congratulatory messages to author Professor Golding on the mounted  replica of  the cover of the book “The First 21 Years of the 21st Century: Observations from Jamaica.” 

About the Book

This book examines from a Jamaican perspective significant local and global events occurring between the year 2000 and early 2021. It explores the new millennium and early digital life starting with the deregulation of the world telecommunications industry, the resultant competition in the Jamaican telecom market, and the phenomenal rise, use, and influence of social media.  The emergence of China as a player on the world stage and its impact on Jamaica are also highlighted; also given spotlight are the historic election of Barack Obama as President of the USA and the rise of the far right led by Donald Trump; attention is also drawn to the advent of a more inclusive world and same sex marriages, despite homophobia; the author also looks at the issue of corruption, the controversial extradition of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, and Jamaica’s undisputed status as the World #1 Sprint Nation. Rounding out the topics covered are the COVID-19 pandemic and its massive impact on socio-economic life, elections in Jamaica and the United States in 2020 and their aftermath, racism, and, finally, a gaze into the next 21 years. 


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