UTech, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Scholarship Presented to Top Sixty High Achievers

Professor Colin Gyles (centre), Acting President, University of Technology, Jamaica, poses  for a group photograph with UTech, Jamaica student high achievers who received the 60th Anniversary Scholarship on Thursday, May 12, 2022 during a special presentation ceremony held at Lecture Theatre 50, Shared Facilities Building, University of Technology, Jamaica Papine Campus.

The University of Technology, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Scholarship was presented to the top sixty undergraduate high academic achievers by Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, UTech, Jamaica on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at a presentation ceremony the University’s Papine Campus. The scholarship, valued at $100,000.00 each, was awarded to the most outstanding students of the University’s three colleges and five faculties who attained the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) scores of above 3.5 in the Academic Year 2020/2021. The scholarship, established in 2018 as part of activities in commemoration of the University’s 60th Anniversary, forms part of the University’s thrust to recognize and encourage student academic excellence.

Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, heartily congratulated student awardees, noting that the University is “pleased to continue the tradition of honouring the achievement of academic excellence among our students.” The Acting President commended the high achievers for maintaining their impressive academic standards, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years and urged them to continue to “walk the path of excellence and professionalism” on their academic and life’s journey, adding that they are considered “lifelong ambassadors of University of Technology, Jamaica.”

Dr. Haldane Johnson, Acting Deputy President, who moderated the ceremony, added his commendations to the high academic performers, noting that several  awardees were receiving the scholarship for the second time. Dr. Johnson also pointed out that last year’s average Grade Point Average (GPA) was 3.796, while this year’s average GPA is 4.087.  He explained that this increase was due in part to the grading system which has been modified, whereby a grade of A+ (90% and above) now carries a weighting of 4.3.

The awardees were presented by Deans or  by their representatives from the respective Colleges and Faculties.

In an inspiring response on behalf of her fellow awardees, Faculty of Engineering and Computing high achiever, 4th Year student, Ruthanne McClymont noted that “hard work, dedication, determination, all-nighters, coffee and a drive to do more than just pass, has placed us in this prestigious position.”

Recounting the challenges of the pandemic which made her feel “stagnant”, at times, Ruthanne asserted that, “our presence here means we have fought the urge to be mediocre,” adding that “excellence is not easy, but we have mastered the principles to achieve it through sacrifice and focus,” further encouraging her fellow students to “strive only for the best,” knowing that their reward will be certain.

Professor Colin Gyles (right), Acting President, University of Technology, Jamaica presents the UTech, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Scholarship cheque of $100,000  each, to outstanding students from left, Timoy Campbell (GPA 4.11, Faculty of The Built Environment), Renee Peters (GPA 4.21, Faculty of Science and Sport), and Shania Christian (GPA 4.16, College of Health Sciences).

(L-R) Nakita Falloon (GPA 4.00, Faculty of Law), Yvonia Robinson (GPA 4.08, Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies) and Abigayle Edgar (GPA 4.15, Joint Colleges of Medicine, Oral Health and Veterinary Sciences) receive their UTech, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Scholarship cheques from Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President.

Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, presents the University’s 60th Anniversary Scholarship cheques to outstanding students from left Ruthanne McClymont (GPA 4.30, Faculty of Engineering and Computing) and Kawaine Anderson (GPA 4.18), College of Business and Management).


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