President, Dr. Kevin Brown and Leadership Team Welcome youngest ever student, 14-year-old Jada Wright

Dr. Kevin Brown, President, UTech, Jamaica presents youngest ever student, 14-year-old, Miss Jada Wright with tokens of university branded memorabilia during his special meeting with the young student and her parent on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, at the Papine Campus. 

University of Technology, Jamaica President, Dr. Kevin Brown and some members of the leadership team, on January 16, 2024, warmly welcomed Jada Wright, the youngest ever student to successfully matriculate to read for a degree at the institution.  

The young scholar began studies in the BSc in Computer Science in the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT), Faculty of Engineering and Computing at the start of the Semester on Monday January 15, 2024. President Brown specially invited Jada and her parents for an introductory meeting and to provide an opportunity to exchange thoughts and expectations as she settles into full time tertiary studies at UTech, Jamaica. 

In warmly welcoming Jada who was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Judian Wright who is also an alumna of UTech, Jamaica, Dr. Brown noted that several members of the leadership and management team across the university including himself, are past students.   Sharing that “as an institution, even within our own ranks we have produced some quality people who are leading the ship,” the President asserted that “this is the expectation that we have of all our graduates; that we would have done a good enough job to allow them to operate at high performance.”  Adding that “this is the same expectation for Jada,” Dr. Brown noted that “she is entering an institution with a strong history of delivering computer science,” and pointed out that “we have modernized our curriculum, introduced AI and added a whole raft of modern technology courses.” 

The President assured Jada of  full support across the board at the university as she in turn meets all the requirements of her academic studies. He encouraged her to immerse herself in opportunities for a full university student experience including participation in clubs and societies, student leadership, sports, and the opportunities to participate in international competitions. 

During the discussions, the confident and articulate Jada shared that in addition to having a strong affinity to UTech, Jamaica of which both her parents are graduates, it was her discovery of the “exciting” offerings of the computer science programme that aligned with her dreams and aspirations of becoming a software engineer, that cemented her decision to apply to the university. 

Jada wright in conversation with President, Dr. Kevin Brown and members of the university’s leadership and management team on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at the President’s Conference Room, Papine Campus.

“The Best Choice for Me” 

Jada explained that she gleaned details of the UTech, Jamaica computer science programme through her thorough online research prior to applying to the university.  “During the summer, I spent an entire day researching about the programme.  I downloaded all the course outlines.  I went through the PowerPoints so I could get an idea of what kind of content every class would cover and then I compared that to other schools, and I realized that you focus more on practical skills. I would say and that's pretty much when I decided that I think this would be the best choice for me.  So it took a lot of research, and I watched all of the orientation videos online as well,” Jada noted.  She added, “So I was just researching and based on how you were explaining the programme, especially in one particular orientation video, in that video, they were explaining all the different projects that you guys have done and I was looking on how you explain all the projects and all of the enthusiasm, and I really just recognized that I want to do something like this.” 

Jada’s mother shared that this type of laser focus on goal setting and an independent drive to seek out new knowledge, has always characterized her daughter’s outlook. 

The young UTech, Jamaica student who recently turned age 14 in November 2023, has already amassed an impressive portfolio of achievements which belie her age. Jada conquered her Primary Exit Profile (PEP) studies which earned her a place at Hampton High School in her home parish of St. Elizabeth while studying to sit two Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, both of which she received with grade ones.  In high school, Jada achieved an additional seven grade ones in CSEC and found the time to brainstorm and establish a home-school online based programme at her parents’ institution, the Caribbean Online Academy.  The new venture, Caribbean Online Academy is currently incubated at UTech, Jamaica’s Technology Innovation Centre (TIC). 

Despite her youthful age, the budding Computer Software engineer who also wants to be an entrepreneur, is not daunted by the unchartered tertiary journey ahead.  She is filled with excitement and is ready to immerse herself in the anticipated hands-on total university experience in charting the future to achieving her dreams. 

President, Dr. Kevin Brown pins new student, Jada Wright with a UTech, Jamaica pin, much to her delight.  She  gushed, “I’ve always wanted one of these pins.” 

Youngest ever, new 14-year old student Miss Jada Wright (centre) and her mother Mrs. Judian Wright (3rd left) share a photo with President, University of Technology, Jamaica, Dr. Kevin Brown (3rd right) and other members of the university’s management team (from left) Mr. David White, Head, School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT), Miss Marion Brown, Vice President and University Registrar, Prof. Shermaine Barrett, Acting Deputy President and Prof. Sean Thorpe, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing. 


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