Department of Student Financing Advisory - Accessing Student Financing Services

During this period of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Department of Student Financing (DSF) remains committed to serving you our students.
Although we are not able to offer you in-office service, we are ready to serve you via our email platform. Students queries will be received only via our email at and will be handed by a representative of the Student Financial Services Unit (SFS).

Procedure to Access (DSF) Service

1. Send us a brief email with your name, ID # and Faculty in the subject line

2. Outline exactly what query you are making or fee payment problem that you are facing

3. Include your contact numbers (home and cell)

4. You will receive an email from a Service Representative with a DSF Request Form for you to complete electronically

5. Complete the form thoroughly and accurately

6. Take a picture of your UTech ID and upload it in the field provided on the form

7. Electronically attach, the required supporting document to process your request. Supporting documents may include but are limited to:
Payment receipts

  • Sponsorship / scholarship letters
  • Medical or Police Reports
  • Sick certificates
  • Screen-shot of On-line payment transaction for Credit/Debit Card Payments
  • Screen-shot of Account Balance Report from the Students Portal

8. Submit completed form with uploaded ID picture; along with all your supporting documents as a reply email to the one sent from the DSF; with the same subject line as before

9. Your request will be reviewed by a Service Representative and escalated if necessary to a Supervisor for a decision.

10. A final decision will be communicated to you via email along; with specific instructions for you to follow.

Request to the Department of Student Financing may include the following types of queries:

  • General Account Balance Queries
  • Fee Payment Issues: missing payments, payments made to wrong accounts, duplicate payments
  • Fee Penalty Queries: Late Payment charges, Facility Fee Charges etc.
  • Fee Payment Plans * Conditions Apply
  • Financial Clearance Status
  • Update of Student Welfare Grants /benefits
  • Enrolment Committee Fee (ECF) queries