Abstract Submission Format

Abstract Submission Format

The abstract to be submitted to the FELS conference should have the following formation:

  • One of the conference strands to which the presenter/presenters wish to present on.
  • The title of the presentation, followed by the names of the presenter/presenters.
  • The institution of the presenter/presenters.


For the body of the abstract, use the block format. The contents may include brief information on the topic, to be followed by the aim, purpose, or objectives to be achieved. Also to be included will be information on the methodology and methods for empirical studies. These include the design, sample size, and data collection methods among others. This is followed by the main results/findings and recommendations. The anticipated outcomes and implications could be included for work-in-progress without results/findings. The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

After the abstract, some keywords should be added. These may be up to five. The word “Keywords” should be in bold.

Types of Conference Presentations  

Presentations differ based on disciplines. However, for this conference, each presenter/presenters will be given 15 minutes by the moderator for the presentation and questions/answers.

Keynote and Plenary  This is for a specially invited guest who speaks on a topic that addresses the conference theme. The speaker may be given 60 to 90 minutes to address the audience. 
Panel This type of presentation will have 3 to 4 speakers/experts who will discuss a specific topic in front of an audience. It has a discussant, who will comment on the presentations.  The time allotted will be based on the moderator. However, this type of presentation may be up to 90 minutes.
Paper This is a traditional type of oral presentation that could be done by one or more presenters, who are allowed to share their research results/findings, completed works, innovative concepts, and theoretical applications), followed by questions and answers, and the time allotted will be based on the moderator.
Poster This is a visual presentation on a 44 by 44-inch corkboard and may have one or more presenters. The presentation may be on display for the duration of the conference or for a day. The presenter/presenters may stand beside their displays to explain their study. It is a great networking opportunity based on its informal interaction format.
Roundtable This type of group discussion may have five or more speakers seated around a table, and each is allowed to talk or present on a specific topic based on the allotted time by the conference organizers.  The main purpose of this type of conference presentation is for in-depth discussion and getting feedback. The discussion is structured under the following headings: introduction, discussion, conclusion, and questions/answers. 
Student Presentation This is similar to a paper presentation, which allows students to share work-in-progress or results of a completed study. The time allotted will be based on the moderator.
Workshop This is usually a training opportunity, which may include hands-on activities. It could have more than one presenter. The duration may be up to 60 to 90 minutes. Participants are required to register in advance. 

Guidelines for Submission and Deadlines

Persons wishing to present papers and/or posters should submit a 250-word abstract by February 6, 2024.

 Instructions to Author(s)

Abstracts must include the following:

  • the sub-theme and strand
  • paper/poster title
  • authors(s) name and email address
  • institutional affiliation
  • keywords

The preferred presentation format should also be identified. Please note that this is not part of the word count. All submissions should be saved as MS Word and uploaded using the following link: FELS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2024.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline for Abstracts: February 12, 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance: February 29, 2024