5th International Conference


The rise of new technologies has brought about new possibilities and opportunities for learning, and research in higher education. From online learning platforms to virtual reality classrooms, from digital archives to social media analysis, these tools have opened new avenues for teaching, research, and analysis. Additionally, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about new possibilities and opportunities. AI has the potential to transform education and educational leadership by providing personalized learning experiences, automating administrative tasks, and even assisting with grading. Popular culture and creative industries have been redefined and expanded in this new era. In the humanities and social sciences, AI can be used to analyze large datasets and identify patterns and trends that may not be visible to the human eye.

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our society. The pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we approach life and has highlighted the need for resilience and adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges. For this conference, we are interested in papers that explore the ways in which the world now navigates and explores new frontiers. We welcome papers that explore innovative approaches to build a stronger, more resilient society. We will also discuss how we can use these tools to gain new insights into our world. We look forward to receiving your submissions and to engaging in lively discussions at the conference.

Conference Goal and Objectives
The goal of this conference is to provide a space for the exchange of ideas and cutting-edge research in Education, the Humanities and Social Sciences. To this end, participants will:

• Engage in critical dialogue on emerging trends to develop new understandings and pedagogical practices.
• Explore the changing context of Educational Leadership and Management.
• Examine the role of popular culture in influencing practices in education.
• Explore the role of communication and emerging technologies in education.
• Embrace diversity in the learning space for the 21st Century.
• Examine the creative industry within the context of the 21st Century

All presentations should be related to one of the following sub-themes/strands:
Sub-Theme 1: Emerging Trends on New Understandings for Research and Pedagogical Practices

• Artificial Intelligence
• Culture and the Educational Space
• Digital Disruption
• Ethics and Research
• New Approaches for Curriculum Development and Design
• Teacher Training and Practice

Sub-Theme 2: The Changing Context of Educational Leadership and Management

• Teacher Leadership
• Teacher Migration
• School Climate
• The Economics of Higher Education
• Emerging Challenges in Higher Education (Resources, Psychosocial Environment, & Physical Environment)

Sub-Theme 3: The Role of Language and Popular Culture in Influencing Practices in Education

• Behaviour and moral issues
• Social Media and Music
• Sociocultural Influences

Sub-Theme 4: The Role of Communication and Emerging Technologies in Education

• Instructional Design
• Design and Research
• Educational Technology
• Artificial Intelligence and the Communication Industry
• Ethical Considerations and the Use of Emerging Technologies in Education
• Emerging Technologies and the Practice of Research in Higher Education

Sub-Theme 5: Diversity and Mental Health in the 21st Century Learning Space

• Inclusive Education
• Workforce Diversity
• Diversity through Service Learning

Sub-Theme 6: The Creative Industry within the Context of the 21st Century

• Health Communication
• Culture, Crime, and Creative Industries
• Employability Skills
• Digital Transformation and the Performing Industry
• Equality and Inclusiveness in the Creative Industries
• Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Industries

Other suggestions/strands related to the theme are welcomed

Presentation Modality: Blended (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Presentation Formats: Plenary Sessions, Individual Paper Sessions, Round Table Sessions, Town Hall Sessions, Poster Sessions, and Workshops.