Procedures for Sponsored Students

  1. Sponsored students are required to report to the Financial Aid Office with their Fee- Breakdown Sheet and a Letter of Undertaking from their Sponsor.
  2. Where the documentation of the sponsorship has already been sent to the Financial Aid Office; the student need only taken in a copy of the Fee Breakdown Sheet.
  3. Sponsored students are required to pay all fees in excess of the amount covered by the sponsorship.
  4. Sponsored students from any of our satellite campuses are required to take in the aforementioned; documents to the Administrative Office at the respective campuses; where the Administrator of that campus will forward their documents to the Financial Aid Office at the Papine Campus for processing.
  5. Sponsors are required to pay all outstanding fees within 30 working days of the official close of registration each semester.
  6. Students must ensure that the Sponsors adhere to the credit conditionalities and comply with the stipulated payment deadlines.
  7. If the Sponsor fails to pay within the stipulated deadline, the student is ultimately liable and will be required to pay all outstanding fees on demand.

Procedures for Staff Members & Dependents of Staff Members

  1. Staff members or dependents of staff members are required to submit their Fee Breakdown to the Human Resource (H.R.) Department located at UTech’s Papine Campus for approval.
  2. Once the H.R. Department gives the approval, this information will be forwarded electronically to the Students Receivable Unit, in order for the student’s account to be updated.
  3. The student is then required to pay the remaining tuition/miscellaneous/registration fees required for enrolment.
  4. Staff members may also make suitable arrangements through the Director of Student Financing to pay outstanding fees for staff or dependents through salary deduction.