Procedures for Scholarship Recipients

  1. Students who are recipients of Full/Partial Scholarships will be required to report  to the Scholarship Unit in the  Financial Aid Office; with the written verification of the Scholarship and the Fee Breakdown Sheet, in order for the scholarship to be registered on the student’s account.
  2. Where the documentation of the scholarship has already been sent to the Financial Aid Office; the student need only taken in a copy of the Fee Breakdown Sheet.
  3. Scholarship recipients are required to pay all fees in excess of the amount covered by the scholarship.
  4. Scholarship recipients from any of our satellite campuses are required to take in the aforementioned documents to the Administrative Office at the respective campuses; where the Administrator of that campus will forward their documents to the Financial Aid Office at the Papine Campus for processing.
  5. Students are required to liaise with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that the Scholarship Donor pays the agreed fees.
  6. If the scholarship donors fails pay the required fees, the student is ultimately liable and will be required to pay all outstanding fees on demand.