BSc. Animation and Production Development


The School of Computing & Information Technology (SCIT) offers a four year Programme leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree. The aim of this course is to provide students with a solid foundation in computing that meets both international standards for tertiary computing curricula and the needs of the computing industry locally and regionally. The curriculum guarantees technical currency, encourages personal development in ethical conduct, professionalism, communication, presentation skills and engenders a mindset for life long learning.

Student Outcomes

 Our Programs were developed with the following Student Learning Outcomes in mind. At the end of this  program, students should be able to:

  1. Analyze a complex computing problem and apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.
  2. Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s   discipline.
  3. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  4. Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  5. Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to have a minimum of five (5) subjects in the CXC General Examinations or the equivalent, at grades I, II, III (grade III effective June 1998) or GCE 'O' Levels (A,B,C) in English Language, Mathematics and three other subjects. 

Note: Passes in Art and Information Technology are preferred.

Candidates SHOULD submit a portfolio in digital format for assessment - via Images or Blog. Ownership of a personal computer/laptop is strongly encouraged.

Programme Duration 

4 years