Professional Short Courses

OVERVIEW : FENC professional short courses are designed to provide participants with specific skills and knowledge in computing and engineering that are applicable to industry. where possible, the University partners with certifying bodies and/ or international bodies to ensure dual certification.

Professional short courses classes generally encompass a combination of:

  1. Lectures/Discussion/Demos
  2. Laboratory/Practical/Field Trips
  3. In Course and Final Assessment
The Assessment procedures generally involve assignments, in-class tests and practical work.  

On successful completion of the course, that is, where a student gains a mark of 50% or above,
the individual will be awarded a "Certificate of Competence".


Other Courses

In addition to the courses above, the Faculty also offers industry specific courses in Welding, Computer Repairs Radio Technician, Radio Technicians Licensing (Class A & B), Computer Network Engineering, Digital Broadcast Television, Forensic Computing, Hydroponics, CNC, Failure Analysis, Wind Turbine operation & Maintenance, Robotic, Hydraulics & Pneumatics and Industrial Plant Reliability Systems.


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