Book Proposal Guidelines


The University of Technology, Jamaica Press publishes scholarly works for both members of academic communities (staff and students) and educated general readers as: Textbooks, Monographs, Edited Collections, Reference Books, and General readership works with scholarly content. Manuscripts are particularly welcomed in the disciplines taught and researched at the University of Technology Jamaica.

  • The Press will consider for publication theses which have been revised into book format. The date of examination and evidence of successful defence of the thesis must be provided.
  • The Press will consider for publishing on merit textbooks for schools at the secondary and primary levels.
  • The Book Proposal must be prepared as a Word document with 1.5 spacing and a conventional font.


Author(s)’ Identification and Contact Information: For each author: Name. Institution. Postal address. Email address. Phone number(s). Social media addresses. Brief Bio which could be published with the book and used in marketing the book. 

Title: A good title is very important in the marketing of the book. The main title should be short and clear and succinctly say what your book is about. Editors may later recommend a change of title. Sub-titles can be used to add more information. Include keywords in your working title.

Category of book and readership: Indicate what type of book you are proposing, the subject area, and for what readership market (and courses for textbooks).

Headline, Pitch & Keywords: Without repeating the title, summarise the book in a few paragraphs, describing the main purpose of the work, its main thesis or central point, its distinctive features, and how it will be useful to the intended readership. List keywords.

Chapter-by-chapter description of content: Present a list of the intended chapters with a brief outline of the content of each and an estimate of the word count.

Illustrations: Describe the types of illustrations to be used in the book (tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, drawings, photographs, maps, etc), how they will be sourced and whether they will be available in camera-ready form or will require typesetting.

Sample material: It is highly desirable to attach a sample chapter as a Word document.

CVs: Attach author(s) CVs emphasizing qualifications and experience for writing the book and previous publications and presentations.

SUBMISSION: Email the completed Book Proposal as a Word document to the email address of the University of Technology, Jamaica Press:


The University of Technology, Jamaica Press will carry out a review of the Book Proposal by members of the Editorial Advisory Board and by external persons assessing it for technical soundness, value, and marketability, and decide on publishing. The decision of the Press will then be communicated to the author(s). If a Book Proposal can be improved with reasonable effort by the author(s) for reconsideration by the Press this may be recommended.