About The Press

The University of Technology, Jamaica Press began operations on February 1, 2018, as a unit under the Office of the President. The University Press is established to promote research and publications primarily among members of the University Community, providing an avenue for lecturers and other members of staff to publish the results of their research, and to produce works that will bring together established as well as new knowledge. The Press is development-oriented, both in respect of the development of staff members, and in respect of its contribution to broad issues of development in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The decision on whether to publish a particular manuscript will be determined by the quality of the manuscript as assessed by competent reviewers and not necessarily by the profitability of the final product in terms of sales.

The Press has an Editorial Advisory Board comprised of the following members:

Professor Colin Gyles, President (Acting)  

Professor Vernon Buchanan

Professor Fitzroy Henry

Dr. Kamilah Hylton

Dr. Martin Schade

Dr. Andrew Lamm

Dr. Marcia Williams

Mrs. Sheron Dixon-Brown, CBFO (Acting)

Mr. Hector Wheeler

Dr. Paul Ivey, Press Project Manager (Interim)

Objective and Mission of the Press

The University of Technology, Jamaica Press has been established specifically:
1. To assist the UTech, Jamaica Community (lecturers and students) and also external researchers/ authors in their publishing needs.
2. To build the wider reputation of the University and the country.
3. To encourage more research and publications in all fields of study, for economic and scientific advancement.
4. To promote a culture of publishing.

Operations of the University Press

The University of Technology, Jamaica Press will:
1. Screen manuscripts and select high-quality submissions for publishing primarily from authors within the University.
2. Commission manuscripts as may be deemed desirable from time to time.
3. Arrange for the editing, designing and typesetting of manuscripts selected for publication.
4. Arrange for printing and shipping.
5. Arrange distribution, marketing and sale of publications in both print and electronic forms