“During my career I have only had job experience and a few job-related courses, but no formal tertiary qualification.  For self-development I needed to be enrolled in a degree program.  The Prior Learning Assessment Unit at the University of Technology, Jamaica, assessed my certification and determined that they were sufficient to augment my high school qualifications.  I have since been given the opportunity to work while I pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration.  It is very hard sometimes as I have a demanding job, but I have had some wonderful lecturers who have helped to make the experience better.  I would like to thank UTech, Jamaica for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals and I would encourage anyone wanting to further their education to apply to UTech, Jamaica, as the knowledge and experience gained is invaluable.”

Jacqueline Hinds

Student - Bachelor of Business Administration


"I was able to resume my education in 2019 via the Prior Learning Assessment Unit at the University of Technology, Jamaica which certified my competencies as a candidate for the Masters programme. The Prior Learning Assessment served to evaluate the real skills and experiences I gained from my career, translating those to the academic qualifications necessary to pursue the Masters Programme.

I wish to applaud and thank the Prior Learning Assessment Unit of the University of Technology, Jamaica for their ingenuity, and the tremendous opportunity it has given me to pursue post graduate studies which has started serving as a game changer in my career."

Alwyn Miller

CEO, Mandeville Regional Hospital 
Candidate for MSc in Health Administration