Registration and Enrolment Terms

Registered Student – Definition

A student will be considered “registered” when all the following conditions have been met:

  1. Accepted the offer of admission and paid the commitment fee by the stipulated date;
  2. Paid other fees and charges prescribed by the University by the stipulated date;
  3. Signed a declaration form to abide by the regulations of the University;


Enrolment is the process by which a student selects and confirms modules and/or class times specific to their courses of study, in conjunction with their academic advisor. Upon completion of selection and confirmation of modules students are required to collect their identification cards.
Enrolment allows students to attend lectures, tutorials and sit examinations.

Enrolment Periods
All students, including those with repeat status who intend to do re-do exams during the academic year, are required to enrol online with the University. (Please see “Significant Dates” for periods).

Applicants offered admission to the University may request a deferral of their registration for a period of one year as stipulated in Regulation 3.

Requests for deferral should be done in writing to the Registrar and copied to tile Head of School/Department before the beginning of the instructional period in which the course of study would normally commence.

Applicants who have been granted deferrals will be guaranteed places for the next academic year, in the course of study for which the original offer was made, only if there are no changes to the matriculation requirements. A new application will be required if there have been changes to the matriculation requirements.

Two months prior to the expiry of the deferral period, applicants will be contacted in writing by the Admissions Office to determine their intention to take up the offer so that appropriate preparations can be made.

Note: Applicants who were granted deferrals must complete the “Application for Readmission” form.

Enrolled students who are unable to commence their studies must notify the Registrar in writing, copied to their Head of School/Department and the Admissions Officer.

Refunds will be made in accordance with the Refund Policy, pages 74–75.


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