FELS Distance Learning Committee

The FELS Distance Learning Committee’s (FELS-DLC) first responsibility is to work towards enhancing the eLearning capabilities of academics within the faculty. The training offered by the committee is intended to bring staff skills-set on par with local, regional and international standards. The main goal of the FELS-DLC is to strengthen eLearning capacity in the faculty. The FELS-DLC intends to provide a resource for and be an advisor to the FELS community. To accomplish its primary goal, the committee seeks to:

  • conduct in-house eLearning-related research in order to analyse eLearning needs of FELS staff and students
  • encourage research practices among the committee to document the eLearning processes
  • develop relevant eLearning toolkits for FELS’ staff and student bodies
  • get FELS-DLC staff on the same level as it relates to the basic technology tools used in our academic routines
  • provide in-house eLearning training workshops (face-to-face/electronically) for staff
  • assist staff in providing students with more engaging learning experiences for their students’ benefit
  • develop a repository of instructional technology-related training resources for staff
  • promote eLearning best practices of teaching among Faculty members
  • extend/enhance the ODL eLearning-related activities in the FELS.



Michelle Stewart-McKoy, MPhil
Tel: 927-1680-8, Ext. 2817