Aims & Scope

The Journal of Arts, Science, and Technology is published biannually by the University of Technology, Jamaica.The Journal is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal aiming to promote and enhance research and technology in diverse fields of knowledge, including: engineering, computing, business management, finance, marketing, health, sports, pharmacy, arts, hospitality, architecture, urban planning, education, liberal studies, and law. The Journal is supported by an International Advisory Board which now has 21 members who are distinguished in their fields.

JAST is intended for readers in the scholarly community and for professionals in industry. Besides research papers, the journal publishes scholarly book reviews, conference papers, and commentaries. A range of papers is encouraged, including evidence-based research papers, reviews, personal reflections. In addition to research-based papers, papers on industrial perspectives are welcome for the “Industrial Issues” section of the Journal.

JAST is circulated in hardcopy to targetted institutions and individuals, including public policy decision-makers in Jamaica, and online through EBSCOHost, the University website, and the Facebook site of the Caribbean Research & Innovation Management Association (CabRIMA).

The Journal periodically publishes thematic special issues.

Philosophically committed to open access publishing, the Journal encourages authors to freely circulate their own papers and encourages recipients to post the Journal on their websites and to further circulate the whole Journal or particular papers with only source attribution requested.

The Journal of Arts, Science, and Technology is calculatedly a vehicle provided by the University of Technology, Jamaica within its mandate of research for development, with costs totally underwritten by the institution and quality control provided by double-blind peer review, to extend access to scholarly publishing for its own staff and others in the academic community and to provide a platform for impactful policy- and action-relevant research in the context of the development needs of developing countries running to catch up in both research and development.