About the CSA

"By embracing rigours of excellence with a spirit of pride, we aim to fulfil the vision of our Caribbean School of Architecture, Leadership by Tropical Design"

WELCOME to the Caribbean School of Architecture! We embrace creativity and inclusivity, and value people –both students and staff.

Our Caribbean focus is nestled within an international context and we accept our leadership responsibilities for this in research and education as we open up frontiers and forge connections. While the course of study may be Caribbean-centred, the education delivered embraces general principles that all graduates are able to apply anywhere in the world.

Teaching and learning methods in the CSA includes traditional face-to-face lectures, seminars and particular teaching modes using the pedagogy of Design Studio as one of its critical modes. The Design Studio is a hands-on learning environment, where theoretical knowledge is coupled with physical and practical assignments related to a design theme. Studios foster cross-fertilisation at all levels as learning outcomes.

Regional and international study tours abroad are one of the strongest elements of the CSA curriculum. It affords the School and its students the opportunity to interact with other Schools of Architecture and the resident architectural professionals, while working inside communities with citizens in these countries. This provides a crucial ingredient for the CSA to fulfil its mandate for regionalism and globalism.

The CSA resides within the Faculty of the Built Environment along with the School of Building and Land Management (SBLM) at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja). The CSA was established in 1988 by the architectural profession in the English-speaking independent states of the Caribbean, with a mandate to provide both pre-professional and professional degrees in architecture. There are two Programmes both with international accreditation by the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA). The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (BAAS) holds equivalency with the RIBA Part 1, and the Master of Architecture is equivalent to RIBA Part 2.