Voices Magazine Vol 5 Iss 01

VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica | April – June 2022 12 Some of the opportunities that have emerged for entrepreneurs really lie around convenience and also shifting the focus from being face to face to online. A lot of companies will try to make the shift internally, but there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to execute the adjustment to get with the change. I’ve realized that since the beginning of the pandemic, the logistics industry has thrived. People are using their initiative, going into delivery and shipping, trying to make money and it is actually working for a lot of entrepreneurs. Participants in the 2022 UTech, Jamaica Business Model Competition were asked “What opportunities have emerged for entrepreneurship in Jamaica, post COVID-19?” Read on for their responses. I think the pandemic has renewed our confidence in what we can actually do. Entrepreneurs have always been able to find ways to present different offerings but now it is more urgent, and there is more time to develop ideas. Shanoy Smith Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies For schools, universities and for work, persons have to be online. With the restrictions, a lot of businesses are utilizing technology more. The reliance on technology because of COVID-19 has been helping persons to innovate. STUDENT VOICES Tavoy Barrett College of Business and Management Shasantay Jennings College of Business and Management Shantay Siddo College of Business and Management