Voices Magazine Vol 5 Iss 01

13 April – June 2022 | VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica The pandemic has really brought opportunities to utilize technology in a way that we can take advantage of ways we can stay connected, and how we can really use that to get business done. It has also created ways to boost existing and new businesses. We’ll see a new paradigm in how businesses operate going forward. Most consumers have adapted to the digital age because of COVID-19, so businesses that operate online are seeing an advantage over those who do not. COVID-19 has revealed issues, in terms of our economic development, with imports and food security. There have been a lot of disruptions in the export and import market. Entrepreneurs, like me, can innovate and build prototypes to improve different areas, particularly in agriculture, especially to improve our food security. Since COVID, it has been easier for companies to market themselves online, and to reach a greater customer base, with most of the consumers being online. Twae-Jordan Rose Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies Kashlon Palmer Faculty of Engineering and Computing Jelanie Kidd College of Business and Management Ashley Lawrence Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies STUDENT VOICES