Message from the President

Congratulations to the University of Technology, Jamaica Graduating Class of 2018. It is a special joy that you have earned and completed your certification to coincide with the University’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.  I am delighted to celebrate with you.

You have invested years of time, effort and hard work and have overcome challenges and setbacks.  Now the returns on your investment are yours to reap. Special thanks to those who have supported you along your journey and contributed to your development and success – your lecturers, administrators, sponsors, parents, spouses, mentors, family and friends.

As tertiary graduates, you have earned a privileged place among the world’s future leaders of change.  You have now joined the ranks of over 50,000 graduates of this outstanding national institution who are making a valuable contribution in diverse professions and disciplines in service in Jamaica and across the globe. At the same time, our country is relying on our graduates to lead civil society in propelling our nation forward into developed country status.

Wherever you may find yourself in the world, we are counting on our graduates to be good UTech, Jamaica ambassadors of integrity, honesty and humility. Your UTech, Jamaica certification has not only prepared you for “Excellence through Knowledge,” it has prepared you to serve as leaders with impeccable values and attitudes. I encourage you to continue to pursue opportunities for lifelong learning and upgrading of your skills and knowledge in your chosen career.

I invite you to take a continuing interest in your University and I look forward to welcoming your return as graduate students and as vibrant, active alumni, ready to help in the growth and development of your alma mater

In all your future journeys be ever mindful of the UTech, Jamaica Core Values of respect, integrity, team spirit, accountability, innovation, service and excellence.

Congratulations on your graduation! Walk good!

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, CD