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This Handbook contains information about the



policies, procedures and requirements governing graduate level

courses of study at the University of Technology, Jamaica. The Uni-

versity reserves the right to make changes at any time to any provi-

sion, offering or requirement appearing in this publication, and said

changes shall be binding on graduate students.

Upon registering and enrolling at the University of Technology,

Jamaica, each graduate student expressly and formally agrees to

comply with all the policies, rules, and regulations appearing in this

and any other publication governing students and the operation of

the University.

Each graduate student is personally responsible for satisfying all

requirements established by the University, College, Faculty, School

or Department for his or her degree.

It is the graduate student’s

responsibility to learn these requirements


School of Graduate Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship

University of Technology, Jamaica

237 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6

Jamaica, West Indies

First published August 2011; revised August 2014Utech