Fee Payment Guide

The University of Technology, Jamaica Finance and Business Services Division has approved a fee payment guide and enrolment procedures for students attending the institution. Students are therefore required to comply with the rules stipulated in this guide which are subjected to change without notice.

Fee Structure

 Fees payable upon registration at the beginning of the Academic Year are as follows:

  • Tuition
  • Examination/Assessment fee  
  • Ancillary (non-refundable)
    • Students’ Union
    • Health
    • Student Welfare Fund
    • Registration
    • Jam Copy Tariff
    • Health/Personal Accident Insurance (non-refundable)
    • Other Fees where applicable (Law Library, Axis Journal, E-Books)
  • All students are required to pay all the fee components outlined above. In addition, some Schools/Courses of Study may have other prescribed fees for particular activities. That is Axis Journal fee – applicable to Faculty of Built Environment, the Law Library fee – Faculty of Law and the E-Books fee applicable to the College of Health Sciences, etc.
  • The minimum number of credits that can be taken in any Semester is 9 credits.
  • The University reserves the right to make adjustments to the fees without notice.

Payment Information

The University introduced new segments of its semesterisation system in  the Academic Year 2009/10 — arrangements that allow students to select modules and class times online using UTech’s Students Portal via our website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm. The tuition fee is based on modules students will undertake during the academic year, along with examination / assessment fees, which should be paid per semester. Ancillary fees are paid yearly.

The tuition fee that you pay is calculated on a per credit basis. The cost per credit for each module is determined by the Faculty/College from which it is being offered and the associated credit value for each module. This is also based on the total number of credits that you will undertake in a given academic year. Therefore it is important that each student ascertain the cost per credit rate assigned to their faculty/school.

PROCEDURES APPLICABLE TO STUDENTS for generating their invoices are as follows:

  • Log into the Student Portal via UTech’s website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm
  • Select modules to be pursued at the beginning of each semester (Semester 1 / Semester 2 /Semester 3)
  • Submit and Confirm modules then Print invoice for modules selected
  • Pay in full at any National Commercial Bank, Bill Express or Paymaster island wide.
  • Log into the Student Portal via UTech’s website www.utechjamaica.edu.jm after two (2) clear working days and view the ‘In-Tray’ for the Financial Clearance message.
  • Await Financial Clearance by monitoring the  ‘In-tray’ on the student portal, if modules are not confirmed and full payment is not received    financial clearance will not be granted.
  • If Financial Clearance (FC) is granted, follow the steps contained within the FC message to complete enrolment steps online

Please note the financial clearance process is an automated feature and will only be granted when the full payment has been received as per the student invoice.

Your commitment fee paid to secure your place at UTech represents your ancillary fee (applicable to year 1 students only), and should be subtracted from your invoice viewed online, and the difference paid. Students will not be permitted to make part payment on modules selected as per semester, instead you will be required to select modules based on affordability and pay full fee on registration. Part payment will not be allowed.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

A Student will be deemed to be in arrears if:

  • Fees from previous years are unpaid (student will not be allowed to register/make module selections)
  • An expected payment is not received on or before the due date, or
  • Any late fees or miscellaneous fees are unpaid.
  • Students who are in arrears will not be afforded normal student privileges, including access to the library.
  • Students who are in arrears will be deregistered.
  • Individuals attending class who have not registered, or who have been deregistered, are not students.
  • Students whose payments are late will be charged a late fee

Students who have been deregistered are liable for the amount in arrears and no amounts will be refunded.

Financial Clearance

Students will not be required to visit the campus to obtain “Financial Clearance”. The Students Receivable Unit, in conjunction with the Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) Department, will be downloading data as per payment agencies and uploading information to students’ accounts in accordance with payment records received from each agency to facilitate automated financial clearance for each student. Students should refer to the online Registration Guide, which gives the steps and procedures for completing all steps for enrolment.
You will receive messages to your ‘In-Tray’ on the Student Portal, to inform students of their registration status. Students should monitor their student portal ‘In tray’ for messages regarding their Financial Clearance status. Students are urged to take note of the details of the message and follow the recommended actions. If after two (2) clear working days following your fee payment you have not received financial clearance by a message in your ‘In-tray’, you should send an email to our attention at Students Receivables:   recaccounts@utech.edu.jm.  

The notification message you will receive in your in tray may include;
  • “You have been financially cleared……..”
  • “You have not paid the requisite amount to be registered….. The remaining balance must be settled to avoid penalties.
  • “Your financial status cannot be assessed because you have not confirmed your selections.

 *Please take note of the instructions displayed where it indicates that there is a problem and follow recommended action. Follow the enrolment steps outlined by the Admissions Office, you cannot be registered unless the requisite fees have been paid and financial clearance approval given electronically based on your invoice and payment agreement.

How to Pay Your Fees

The pre-enrolment process involves paying fees and completing the registration process as approved by the University Registrar. The payment gateways and instructions are outlined below.

Payment at UTech Accounts Receivable, Papine Campus

Payment of tuition fees on campus can ONLY be made by using the following methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Manager’s Cheque

Personal Cheques are not accepted by the University, and NO cash payment of tuition fees will be permitted at Accounts Receivable.

The normal opening hours for the Accounts Receivable Unit are:

Monday–Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

The Cashier section closes at 4:00 pm when classes are not in session.

NCB-UTech Keycard Cash 

The University of Technology, Jamaica has established a cashless system at all its campuses and as such all students, returning and prospective must own a cash card administered by National Commercial Bank. This re-loadable card can be used to pay Tuition and other requisite services securely on campus.

For more information on this service please visit the university’s website here NCB-UTech Keycard Cash to download a brochure and an application form.

Other Payment Locations in Jamaica:

Fees can be paid by cash, debit/credit card or Manager’s Cheques at any of the following locations:

  • Bill Express outlets island-wide
  • Paymaster outlets island-wide
  • National Commercial Bank (NCB) branches island-wide.

Your name and Student Identification Number is required for all payment transaction.

 It will take at least two (2) working days for fees paid at the National Commercial Bank, Bill Express or Paymaster outlets to be cleared. 

Payment at External Sites

  1. For NCB customers ONLY: Payments in local currency can be made to:
    • The e-banking facility at www.jncb.com (NCB customers only); or
    • Tele-midas 1 888 NCB FIRST (1 888 622 3477)
      • UTECH’S Account Number:
        •  371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY) OR
        • 371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY)
        •  Student’s Name
        •  Student’s Identification Number
  1. Bank Procedure

On entering the bank, students should complete a Lodgement Slip based on the currency of his/her “Student Fee Breakdown” form. It is also important that the student’s identification number, name, amount and UTech’s Bank Account number are clearly stated on the Lodgement Slip. Indicate the type of payment being made, i.e. “tuition payment “or “Boarding payment”.

All fee payments at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) must be lodged to either UTech’s bank account as stated below:

  • UTECH Fee breakdown (Tuition/Boarding Invoice) with Student’s Name, ID Number & amount to be paid.
  • A completed regular NCB Deposit voucher with the following details:
    • UTECH’S Account Number:

    371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY) OR
    371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY)

  • Student’s Name 
  • Student’s Identification Number
  • The name of the person making the payment must be written in the section “PAID IN BY___________”
  • “UTECH School Fee Payment” must be written at the section “ACCOUNT NAME____________”
  • Include the amount being paid
  • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e.“Tuition Payment” OR “Boarding Payment”
  1. Paying fees Overseas via Funds Transfer to UTech Bank Account:

Transfer of funds should be made to National Commercial Bank (NCB), Matilda’s Corner, Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I. The following should be stated to the representative at the bank.

    • UTECH’S Account Number:
      •  371060375 (US$ Payments ONLY) OR
      • 371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY)
  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s Identification Number
  • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e.  “Tuition Payment” OR “Boarding Payment”
    • Include details of student’s name and identification number in wire transfer details. 
    • Fax bank receipt/confirmation of payment transaction to the Student Receivables at 876-970-2302.

Wire transfers take an average up to 3 working days or more, depending on the point of origin of the transfer. Any charges incurred during the transfer will be deducted from the original amount being sent and the remainder applied to the recipient’s account.

  1. Paymaster Procedure

Students are required to indicate the following to the teller at any of the Paymaster offices island-wide:

      • Provide the Paymaster representative with the following information:
        • Student Identification Number
        • Student Name
        •  Amount being paid
        • Indicate that payment is being made to “UTECH”
        • Indicate the type of payment being made i.e. “tuition payment “or Boarding payment”

The above details SHOULD be printed on the receipt when the transaction is completed!

Indicate to the teller that payment is being made to “UTech”, and also verify that the details printed on the receipt correspond to the information you have given the teller (UTech Bank Account number is NOT required).

  1. Online Payment via UTech’s Website

Payments can be made via the university’s website via the “Online Services” section. Payments via this method are possible with any of the following:

  • Keycard
  • Visa
  •  MasterCard

Upon payment a confirmation email will be sent to you as receipt of your payment.

Financial Assistance

Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB)

Students using the Students’ Loan Bureau Scheme for the payment of tuition fees will be granted financial clearance for Semester 1 only, once the loan has been approved and communication has been sent to the University electronically by the Student Loan Bureau. Students should ensure, therefore, that they:

  • Submit all the required guarantors’ documents to the SLB Pay all miscellaneous fees for enrolment – Ancillary Fees, Law Library/Axis Journal / E-Books Fee, etc. Check student in tray for financial clearance message Complete the enrolment steps outlined by the Admissions Office Follow-up with the SLB to ascertain that they have paid the agreed loan amount to the University. Students will not be allowed to sit exam if payment remain outstanding Recipients of loans from the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) are required to settle, prior to registration – all fees that are not covered by the SLB. The SLB covers tuition and assessment fees only. 

  • Note:

    • SLB will pay for the maximum number of credits for each level.

    • Students are required to ensure that the number of credits for each semester corresponds to the total number of credits to be taken as determined by your programme of study, to ensure that they do not exceed the amount approved at the bureau.  Should they exceed the SLB amount agreed, student will be required to pay the difference. Excess credits will not be cover by the SLB and the student will have to cover the additional cost.

    • SLB does not cover the cost for pre-university modules e.g. Developmental English, Preliminary Biology along with others as specified by your respective faculty.

    • Only Students who have a completed loan application status – i.e. “E” Status, will be allowed to register without paying Tuition & Exam Fees

NB The SLB does not cover the cost of registration and the charges associated with Pre-University or ‘Zero’ credit courses along with any special faculty related fees. Only Tuition & Exams charges are covered by the SLB.

        The SLB will also, only cover a specific number of credits as per your Academic Year/Level and programme. Cost associated with any additional credits has to be covered by the student.

Financial Assistance

Full/Partial Scholarship students will be required to report first to the Financial Aid Office (Scholarship), with the commitment letter received from the sponsoring organization, for verification and approval.


Recipients of scholarship or sponsorships should ensure that all commitment letters have been approved and submitted to the Financial Aid Office prior to the registration period. In addition, all ancillary and miscellaneous fees should be paid. This will allow for a smooth updating of student records and facilitate the automated financial clearance within two working days.

All scholarship/sponsorship bodies should forward all payments by September 30, 2013. Students should also ensure that the sponsors remitting funds comply with the stipulated deadlines.

Government of Jamaica Special Loan Fund – UWI and Community Credit Union

Loans are available to full-time students under the Government of Jamaica Student Loan Scheme, which assists students with the payment of tuition fees. This may be of particular help to unsuccessful SLB applicants and students who are unable to access loans at other institutions. Interested applicants can contact the UWI (Mona) & Community Co-op. Credit Union (UTech) Branch for details.

Student Data

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) Department and, where applicable, the Accounts Department and the Financial Aid Office have his/her current telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses. Any correction to your data must be done online before completing the enrolment procedure. It is the responsibility of the student to check e: Vision and their mailboxes periodically, especially prior to payment deadlines and the deadline for the issue of exam cards.

Students are also encouraged to retain all receipts for transactions done with the University and our external payment agencies for future reference.


Students who have received approval for exemption on modules from the University’s Academic Board will be required to pay the associated cost assigned to the module, and will not be entitled to a reduction in fees and or a refund.

Redo Registration

Year 4–5 students who have failed modules during the course of the academic year and wish to redo these modules; given that they are being offered during the semester, will be required to follow the steps below:

  • Complete “Redo” form in triplicate and obtain the signature of the Dean of Faculty/Head of School/ Programme Director to register for modules
  • Proceed to the Admissions Office to process and enter modules on diet and create invoice
  • Proceed to Accounts Receivable to pay amount indicated on invoice (part payment is not allowed)

The cost associated with redo is charged on a per credit per module basis. Students who have submitted forms for processing to the Admissions Office and who are absent from an exam and/or who fail to pay fees as stipulated, are liable to all redo fees as stated on their account and will be awarded a failing grade for that module.

Year 1–3 students will be required to re-register for failed modules online at the next available sitting and pay cost assigned to modules


Students who have overpaid on their account are required to submit receipts and invoice and complete a Refund Request Form at the Accounts Receivable unit to initiate the process of refund. Cheques will normally be available within at least 10 – 15 working days from the date of receipt of the refund request. Refunds to students who have received scholarship, grants, students’ loan or any other financial assistance will not be processed until the funds have been received by the University.

Fee Refund Policy – (in cases of Withdrawal/ Leave of Absence)

The University of Technology, Jamaica projects expenses for the provision of services to students prior to the beginning of each programme, based on the number of students who have indicated their intention to enrol. Normally, these expenses are not subject to change at short notice. Students who cancel their enrolment prior to the beginning of the programme or withdraw during the Semester/
Summer Session may deprive others of the opportunity to gain entry for the particular Year/Summer Session or may create vacancies that cannot be filled.

If a student needs to cancel his/her enrolment or withdraw from the University, he or she must give written notice to the Registrar’s Office. Informing a faculty member of non-attendance at classes, or withdrawal, does not constitute official notification or approval. Written approval from the Registrar is required in order for a refund to be considered under the University Refund Policy. Students desirous of withdrawing are required to complete a “Faculty Student Academic Affairs Committee Request” form and submit it to the Registrar Office.

Any student who withdraws from a programme without obtaining permission from the Academic Board will be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship and will be subject to the University’s formal re-admission process. Fees outstanding for the year of withdrawal or leave of absence must be settled before readmission is granted. Any refund of fees will be in accordance with the Fee Refund Policy outlined herein. Requests for refunds outside of the stipulated schedule will not be entertained.
The date on which the withdrawal request is received at the Registrar’s Office will be used as the withdrawal date for computing any refund. Requests by mail will be dated according to the postmark.

The Finance and Business Services Office refunds tuition fees within six weeks, provided that all information and documents have been submitted. Refunds are based on the assessment of charges incurred, e.g., administrative fees, and not upon the amount paid. Refund payments are made by cheque in the name of the student, unless he or she directs otherwise.

A student who is expelled or suspended will not be entitled to any fee refund. Students who write to the University Registrar and are granted permission to withdraw from a programme or who are granted Leave of Absence, receive a refund of tuition and examination fees according to the Schedule on page 75.

Tuition, Accommodation and Examination Refund Payment Schedule

Date of Submission of Request to Office of the Registrar (less charges incurred)

% of Fees Refundable

Programmes beginning at the start of the Academic year (full-time & part-time):

1–10 working days from commencement of classes

90% of Tuition & Exam

15–25 working days from commencement of classes

60% of Tuition & Exam

Beyond 25 working days

*No refund

Students in Courses of Study Lasting Less than 15 Weeks

Within 5 working days from commencement of classes 

90% of Tuition & Exam

10–15 working days from commencement of classes

60% of Tuition & Exam

Beyond 15 working days

*No refund

* Student is liable for all outstanding fees.

Note: Students who have part paid fees and have applied for withdrawal with permission, after the specified deadlines outlined above, will not be entitled to a refund and will be required to pay the fees due before they resume their course of study.


Registered Student – Definition
A student will be considered “registered” when all the following conditions have been met:

  1. Accepted the offer of admission and paid the commitment fee by the stipulated date;
  2. Paid other fees and charges prescribed by the University by the stipulated date;
  3. Signed a declaration form to abide by the regulations of the University;



Enrolment is the process by which a student selects and confirms modules and/or class times specific to their courses of study, in conjunction with their academic advisor. Upon completion of selection and confirmation of modules students are required to collect their identification cards.
Enrolment allows students to attend lectures, tutorials and sit examinations.

Enrolment Periods

All students, including those with repeat status who intend to do re-do exams during the academic year, are required to enrol online with the University. (Please see “Significant Dates” for periods).

Applicants offered admission to the University may request a deferral of their registration for a period of one year as stipulated in Regulation 3.

Requests for deferral should be done in writing to the Registrar and copied to tile Head of School/Department before the beginning of the instructional period in which the course of study would normally commence.

Applicants who have been granted deferrals will be guaranteed places for the next academic year, in the course of study for which the original offer was made, only if there are no changes to the matriculation requirements. A new application will be required if there have been changes to the matriculation requirements.

Two months prior to the expiry of the deferral period, applicants will be contacted in writing by the Admissions Office to determine their intention to take up the offer so that appropriate preparations can be made.

Note: Applicants who were granted deferrals must complete the “Application for Readmission” form.

Enrolled students who are unable to commence their studies must notify the Registrar in writing, copied to their Head of School/Department and the Admissions Officer.

Refunds will be made in accordance with the Refund Policy, pages 74–75.



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fee Payment

Ques:    Will payments at NCB, Paymaster or UTech allow for Financial Clearance immediately?
Ans:       No, processing of all payment transactions requires at least 2 clear workings day.
Ques:    How will UTech treat excess funds received from the Students’ Loan Bureau?
Ans:       The Students’ Loan Bureau is committed to paying Tuition and Exam fees only. All excess funds       received must be returned to the Bureau.
Ques:    What will happen if the Students’ Loan Bureau remits my loan short?
Ans:       You will have to pay the difference or apply to the Students’ Loan Bureau for reassessment.
Ques:    If I register with a Letter of Commitment for a scholarship, can I make payment at the National Commercial Bank upon receiving the cheque from my sponsor?
Ans:       No. All cheques originating from a Letter of Commitment must be received at the Finance & Business Service Office (Scholarship Office), so that both sponsor and student accounts can be updated accordingly.
Ques:    If my sponsor commits to paying more than my fees, how early will UTech give me a refund?
Ans:       Refunds will not be processed from a Letter of Commitment, but a refund of the excess in payment will be made after the University receives payment from the sponsor and the sponsor’s authorisation for UTech to make the refund payable to the student.
Ques:    If I pay my fees to register and then am approved for a SLB loan during the year, when will I receive a refund?
Ans:       A student can only be refunded his/her portion after SLB remits payment to the University.
Ques:    I paid my fees in full but no modules are printed on my exam card. Will I be allowed to write the exams?
Ans:       No. It is the responsibility of the student to check e:Vision to ensure that the modules registered for are on his/her diet. Missing modules must be reported to the Admissions Office, and not to the Accounts Department.
Ques:    If my Loan is approved by the Students’ Loan Bureau and I have completed all the necessary processes at the Bureau, will UTech ensure that the Bureau remits payment on my behalf?
Ans:       No. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that the Students’ Loan Bureau remits payment to the University. Students can either check with Accounts Receivable, through the Students’ Portal on e:Vision, or with the Students Loan Bureau to verify that this has been done.
Ques:    How will I know the actual payment that the Students’ Loan Bureau remits to the University?
Ans:       All students whose fees are paid by the Students’ Loan Bureau must collect their SLB receipts at Accounts Receivable each semester as soon as they are available.
Ques:    If the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) pays my fees, will I be awarded the ‘Grant- In-Aid’?
Ans:       The Students’ Loan Bureau awards ‘Grant-In-Aid’ to students after evaluating their applications. However, students should check with SLB, the Students’ Receivable Unit in the Finance and Businesses Services Division and the Notice Boards on campus to see if they were approved for same.
Ques:    What if I only need the ‘Grant-In-Aid’ and not the Loan?
Ans:       The Grant-In-Aid is approved for students deemed needy by the Students’ Loan Bureau and, as such, students who do not need the Loan will not be given the Grant-In-Aid.
Ques:    What will happen if I receive a full scholarship after being approved for the Students’ Loan and Grant-In-Aid?
Ans:       The University will notify the Students’ Loan Bureau immediately and return both the Loan and the Grant-In-Aid.
Ques:    If my account is in arrears, will UTech give me the opportunity to write my final exams?
Ans:       All accounts should be financially cleared as specified by the Finance  Department in order to sit the final exam.
Ques:    If I registered on a plan and decide that I need to change my option, can this be done?
Ans:       No, once you have paid your fees you are locked into that plan.
Ques:    If I make payment at the National Commercial Bank or Paymaster and either agency remits the payment to UTECH 24 hours after the midnight of the due date, will I have to pay the late fee?
Ans:       UTech will not penalize you if the payment to our collecting agencies was made to them on time yet they remitted it to us late. The late remittance will be a matter between the University and the collecting agency.
Ques:    If I register for a Re-do but did not write the exam as I was unable to pay for the Re-do, will I have to pay the outstanding fee before registering for another school year?
Ans:       If a student registers for a module by submitting the completed Re-do forms to the Admissions Office for processing and is absent from the examination without permission, a failing grade will be awarded and he/she will be liable for the associated charges. (See “Notice to Students Registering for Re-do” on the reverse of the “Re-do Registration” form.)
Ques:    If I registered and paid my Re-do fees but did not write the exams, can I request a refund of my payment or can the payment be deferred to another school year?
Ans:       The student should write to the Students Relations Office and the Faculty so that the case can be examined and a decision taken by the Faculty Board.
Ques:    If I have overpaid on my fees, what is the procedure for the funds to be returned and how long would it take?
Ans:       The “Fee Breakdown” and receipts must be copied and the copies taken to the Accounts Department and a Request for Refund Form completed. It will take a minimum of 10 – 15 working days after the documents are submitted before a cheque is prepared in the student’s name.
Ques:    Will I be allowed to register for a new academic year with a balance outstanding?
Ans:       All outstanding balances must be settled before a student is given financial clearance for a new academic year.
Ques:    If I already have an insurance/health card, am I still required to pay the amount which is on the “Fee Breakdown”?
Ans:       Yes, No student is exempted from this fee.
Ques:    If I receive exemption for a certain number of modules will there be a reduction in my tuition fees?
Ans:       No. Students are not entitled to a reduction in their fees if they have received exemptions.
Ques:    If I am sponsored by SLB do I still have to pay to register?
Ans:       Yes. Students are required to pay the auxiliary fees as SLB is responsible for tuition and examination fees only.
Ques:    Will I be allowed to do part-payment for re-do?
Ans:       No, Only full payments are acceptable.
Ques:    After I have received my fee breakdown and made the necessary payments, am I registered?
Ans:       No. students are not registered until they have completed the registration process online.
Ques:    If my package is not ready and I need the fee breakdown to take to a financial institution for assistance, what can I do?
Ans:       The student can request a letter from the Accounts Department stating the fees. This will take a minimum of three (3) working days.
Ques:    If I am partially sponsored, can I do part-payment on the balance?
Ans:       Students are required to act according to the payment plan they selected on registration.
Ques:    Will I be allowed to register with a Commitment Letter?
Ans:       Once the letter is approved by the Finance Office or the Financial Aid Office, you will be allowed to register.
Ques:    Can we pay our fees in US$ if it is quoted in JA$?
Ans:       If tuition and accommodation fees are quoted in JA$ or US$, the payment must be in the respective currency.
Ques:    Why do we pay a Commitment Fee?
Ans:       Payment of the Commitment Fee is an indication to the University that a prospective student is seriously considering pursuing studies. This fee represents the ancillary charges of your school fee.
Ques:    What is the procedure to register for re-do?
Ans: To register for re-do, year 4-5 students should retrieve “Re-do” forms from their respective Faculty, complete, seek approval from the authorized Faculty officer, proceed to the Admissions Office for a fee breakdown, and then to Accounts for payment.  Year 1–3 students should select the module(s) online and pay fees at the next available sitting.
Ques:    How do you pay to “top-up” your printing quota at SCIT, CSA, and SBLM for print credit?
Ans:       Pay at Accounts Department, present your ID and state the amount of pages you intend to buy. Proceed to the respective lab with receipt.
Ques:    I paid to top up my printing quota but was informed at the lab that they are out of paper. Can I receive a refund of my payment?
Ans: The designated personnel at the lab must immediately sign and stamp the back of the receipt requesting that refund be made to student. Receipts not submitted on the same day will be paid by cheque, with a minimum of 10 working days.
Ques:    If my Identification card is lost what should be done to get another?
Ans:       Report immediately to the Admissions Office which will investigate.
Ques:    What are the different methods of payment at UTech?
Ans:       Payments can be made using debit/credit card, Manager’s Cheque (payable to the University of Technology, Jamaica). No cash allowed on campus for Tuition fee, only for miscellaneous transactions.
Ques:    Can Re-do fees be paid for at Paymaster or the Bank?
Ans:   We prefer to have that fee paid at the Accounts Department.
Ques:    Can we make part payment for Accommodation?
Ans:   Accommodation fee breakdown is quoted per semester so you pay per semester. Part payment is not allowed.
Ques:    Can I get an official statement of my account balance?
Ans:   Students are required to ask the Student Receivables Section for a letter stating their account balance. This usually takes at least three (3) working days or students can visit the Student Portal.