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A unique opportunity to share, learn and network

The University of Technology, Jamaica will be our hosts for the 8th Caribbean Urban Forum (CUF2018) to be held from 27th-29th June 2018 at the UTECH campus, Jamaica. Co-hosts include the Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management (CNULM) based at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, and other regional and international organizations. The Forum brings together land use practitioners, municipal managers, policy makers, academics and allied professionals in an effort to address urban issues in the region.

This year's theme is Forming the Informal. This theme aims to confront the ostensibly oppositional notions of the formal and informal and how we respond to the urban condition in the Caribbean. Historically, the consideration of the city has been predicated on the idea of a formal spatial structure evolving from and responsive to notions of order and regulation. However, one of the most evident common characteristics of all Caribbean cities is the prevalence of informality whether, spatial, social, economic etc. Under this theme, a range of sub-themes can be addressed in relation to issues of heritage, history, housing, infrastructure, policy etc with view to informing a contemporary understanding of the Caribbean urban condition.

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Conference Objectives

The conference will address the gambit of issues relating to the relationship between formality and informality in the Caribbean urban sector. Through presentations, workshops and discussions, the forum will:

  • 1. Explore the evolution of cities and settlement in the Caribbean
  • 2. Examine the challenges and opportunities that arise from various modes of informality
  • 3. Discuss methods of measuring formality and informality

Specific activities, which will also be accomplished at or immediately before the CUF 2018 are:

  • 1. Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Planning Association (CPA);
  • 2. Business meeting of the Caribbean Association of Local Government Associations
  • 3. Project meeting /training in Problem Based Learning (CITYLABS CAR)
  • 4. Panel on the redevelopment of Bermuda post Hurricane Irma
  • 5. Panel on the Caribbean Development Bank's Urban Policy