Voices April - September 2023

110 4 April- September 2023 | VOICES Bi- Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica At these interactions with stakeholders of the university community, the President has shared his vision for UTech, Jamaica’s transformation as the premier, technology driven public university, and has underscored his strategic priorities to focus on enhancing student experience, technology transformation and improving research output at the university. Western Campus Programme Director, Nursing and Midwifery, Caribbean School of Nursing, Western Campus, Mr. Abubakar Usman (left) shows Dr. Kevin Brown, President, how a mannequin is used for childbirth simulation, during the President’s campus tour on September 22, 2023. President, University of Technology, Jamaica, Dr. Kevin Brown (right) being guided on a tour by Western Campus Coordinator, Miss Antoinette Smith (left) on his arrival at the Western Campus, Dome Street in Montego Bay on September 22, 2023. Following closely behind are: Dr. O’Neil Roper, Senior Director, Facilities Management Department, Mr. David Kelly, Director, Safety and Security, Professor Colin Gyles, Deputy President and Mrs. Dennise Haldane, Director of Procurement. President Tours Facilities