Voices April - September 2023

10 38 April- September 2023 | VOICES Bi- Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica Her Excellency Shorna Kay Richards shared that, “I'm heartened to see that this pioneering partnership between UTech, Jamaica and Chiba University forged only a year ago, continues to grow and it is clear that the strong interest displayed by the leadership of both institutions is supporting this positive development.” In his remarks, His Excellency Yasuhiro Atsumi noted that, “I believe that these topics are some of the most critical areas to understand Jamaica and are also common challenges all over the world today.” Dr. Nikki Bramwell, Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Sport, UTech Ja, sharing on the delivery of the SOP noted that students were introduced to Jamaica’s biodiversity hotspot and energy story, and commended them for stepping out of their comfort zones. She added that “it was a treat reading your journals and seeing your perspectives based on what was delivered in the course and how you learnt from it. It was encouraging to me as an educator to see how far-reaching the delivery was and how much it meant to you.” Miss Nanako Shimada, student, Chiba University, responding on behalf of fellow participants, shared that, “this programme changed the image of Jamaica I had. Before, I only knew Jamaica as a tourist spot.” She shared that she learnt about Jamaica’s Energy sector and that, “Jamaican people make great efforts to thrive with nature.” Miss Shimada noted that the classes encouraged her belief that, the Earth can be saved from global warming, “with our national cooperation.” She excitedly shared that her experience in the course has made her eager to visit Jamaica. Dr. Kevin Brown, President, University of Technology, Jamaica, in extending congratulations to the newest cohort of students, noted that, “the programme is advancing the objective of academic and cultural exchange between our two universities and by extension our two countries,” adding that “UTech looks forward to continuing partnership with JAPOLAC for the delivery of more programmes of a similar nature.” Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director, JAPOLAC reaffirmed the full commitment of the organization to supporting academic exchanges between Japan and Jamaica. In extending thanks to the staff of UTech, Ja. and Chiba University, he shared that, “we have successfully continued to foster international education and provide practical knowledge to students. This collaborative effort between both universities is crucial in offering value added education to students through the use of digital tools.” Professor Hiroaki Ozawa, Executive Vice President for Education, Chiba University emphasized that, “this program is an essential event in the academic exchange and collaboration between Chiba University and the University of Technology, Jamaica.” He shared that he hopes that this academic exchange between Jamaica and Japan will develop into a an even larger economic and cultural exchange. While endorsing the short online programme, His Excellency Yasuhiro Atsumi Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica, and Her Excellency Shorna Kay Richards, Ambassador of Jamaica to Japan both congratulated the participating students and staff on successfully completing the short online programme with the University of Technology, Jamaica, Chiba University and JAPOLAC for their collaboration.