Voices April - September 2023

10 36 April- September 2023 | VOICES Bi- Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica FENC Students Support JCF Quality and Technology Expo Gleaner Photo University of Technology, Jamaica students (from left) Dayjaney Pringle (left), Carlishe Nicholson and Shanice Facey stand with their robot friend at the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) People, Quality and Technology Expo held at the National Arena May 11 to 14. The students proposed the use of the robot by the police to handle some tasks. Shanice Facey, a student of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing noted that "With the JCF, sometimes there is one person taking reports for the day and sometimes the reports are a lot. We want this robot to work alongside the JCF, more so to strengthen the bond between the police and the public and technology. It could log in conversations and do facial recognition, so if someone comes in and they have a warrant outstanding or so on, then the robot can connect to the JCF database and recognize this," Facey said. Facey explained further that working with her classmates, they programmed the robot, as part of efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus. It was utilized at the UTech, Ja Medical centre whereby the robot acted like a third party between patients and medical personnel. “Once you enter the UTech medical centre, we would make sure your hands are sanitized. And once you enter your ID number, the robot would take your temperature just to ensure that you weren't a COVID risk," Facey said. "It also took blood pressure readings, oxygen level and stuff like that. All that information is gathered into a paragraph or so, and then the nurse basically collects that information and then the patient will get a number from the machine, and they sit and wait for their number to be called, and then the robot refreshes for the next patient," she added of their use of application of knowledge to create a practical solution to a pressing health concern.