Voices April - September 2023

10 21 April- September 2023 | VOICES Bi- Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica President’s Award for Excellence in Instructional Excellence 2020 & 2023 President’s Award for Excellence in Research Dr. Andrew Lamm, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Sport, receives the President’s Award for Excellence in Research from Prof. Colin Gyles, Acting President. Dr. Lamm is former Director of the Centre for Research Entrepreneurship and Continuing Studies in the Faculty and focusses on the research of natural products with medicinal, agricultural and commercial applications and has received international recognition for his work in Pure and Applied Chemistry. He was awarded the President’s Initiative Award and Young Scientist Award in 2011. Dr. Lamm was instrumental in the establishment of the Natural Products Research Laboratory at UTech, Ja. and investigates endemic Jamaican plants from the Cockpit Country Region. Dr. Debbie Devonish, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science and Sport receives the 2020 President’s Award for Instructional Excellence from Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, UTech, Ja. Dr. Devonish believes that teaching is an honourable profession and a form of servant leadership. Her instructional methods are informed by her extensive experience and continuous introspection, in which she integrates constructivism and other pedagogical theories to effectively engage her students. She also recognizes the importance of science education at the national level and incorporates arts into STEM for a more holistic approach. Mr. Brian Williams, Lecturer in the Caribbean School of Architecture receives the 2023 President’s Award for Instructional Excellence from Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, UTech, Ja. Mr. Williams is an accomplished Architectural Designer and Visualization Specialist, with a portfolio that includes works in Architectural design drawings, intuitive diagramming, information graphics, and 3D animation production. His passion for teaching was highlighted through on demand tutoring in corporate firms and short courses at tertiary institutions. He believes that one of the best ways to learn to perfect a skill is to teach the skill and constantly learn the latest trends, software and approaches. Mr. Williams' portfolio showcases his innovative use of technology for instructional purposes, and his commitment to excellence in teaching. Continued on page 24