Voices April - September 2023

Dr. Kevin Brown, President, University of Technology, Jamaica in his remarks, congratulated the scholarship recipients and urged students to focus on completing their studies, reminding them that the scholarships are funded by taxpayers of the country who are relying on them to make good use of the tremendous opportunity. “Your successful completion of the programme will represent your thanks and gratitude to the Government of Jamaica and the people of Jamaica, because the scholarships are being funded by taxpayers’ money,” Dr. Brown stated, adding “You have a duty, I believe, to your country and all the people who are contributing towards these scholarships, to do well.” FENC Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Lab Transformed into Industry 4.0 Lab with Donation from Black Butterfly Foundation Dr. Damian Graham (left), Programme Director and Lecturer, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FENC) UTech, Jamaica, explains the capabilities of the 30 new computers donated to the faculty’s Mechanical and Industrial Engineering laboratory which were donated by founder of Black Butterfly Org. Inc. Foundation, Mr. Arthur Phidd (2nd right). Sharing in the discussion, (from left) are Professor Colin Gyles, CD, Acting President, UTech, Jamaica, Mr. Salvador Martinez, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering (FENC), Professor Sean Thorpe, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing and Mr. David White, Head, School of Computing and Information Technology, FENC. Seated is Jelani Garvey, a first year Mechanical Engineering student. 10 April- September 2023 | VOICES Bi- Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica Expressing appreciation to the Government of Jamaica through its Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and the SLB, Dr. Brown noted that, “today we move towards another step of realizing the objective to strengthen human capacity development in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the aim is to have a workforce that is ready for the future, which is technology based.” He added that UTech, Jamaica is aligned with the government’s mission in prioritizing STEM education, to take advantage of the workforce needs for the current and emerging KPO industries.