Voices Magazine Vol 5 Iss 01

19 April – June 2022 | VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica RESEARCH BRIEFS “Lack of Association between Serum Vitamin B12 and Nocturnal Sleep Parameters following Cyanocobalamin Supplementation in Healthy Adults” This co-authored research article was published as open access in the Heliyon Elsevier Journal, Volume 8, Issue 2, E08831 on January 24, 2022. The study examined the effect of vitamin B12 supplementation on sleep parameters of latency, total sleep time, wake-after-sleep onset, total time in bed and sleep efficiency in healthy adults. The article may be read at ScienceDirect. Dr. Peta-Gaye Thomas Brown Lecturer, College of Health Sciences vaccination programme and official hospital visits in ongoing efforts to contain, control and manage infections of the virus. He also noted that the response to the virus included a pre-planning and education campaign, a strategy for delaying the virus entry, hospital preparation, contact tracing, testing, quarantine, vaccination and the development of protocols for managing the virus once it was detected in the Jamaican population. Minister Tufton also shared lessons on the importance of managing public expectations, the need to lead by example and the need to build confidence. He cautioned however, against “overconfidence”, advising: “don’t ever feel that you have all the solutions,” adding that “solutions cannot be fixed in your mind, they have to evolve as evidence is presented.” Dr. Tufton also encouraged future and present leaders to seek out the opportunities in every crisis. “The objective is not just to solve the problem, as big as an objective as that is,” he noted, “the objective at some point is to learn from the experience, and to use those lessons to minimize the repeat of a crisis.” Acting President, Professor Colin Gyles and Vice President and University Registrar, Miss Marion Brown also addressed the webinar, sharing examples of the University’s responses to navigating the challenges of the pandemic for the continuity of teaching and learning while adapting to the health and safety protocols set out by the Government. Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness (MOHW), took the opportunity to present an award to the University’s Caribbean School of Nursing (CSON), honouring the School’s “dedicated service to the Ministry’s Nursing and Midwifery Service Unit during the pandemic.” Mrs. Anthonette Patterson-Bartley, Acting Head, CSON was on hand to accept the award. Cont’d from page 18...Minister of Health and Wellness Offers Lessons Learnt from Crisis Management “Criminality and Mental Illness – Social Deviance or Sick Role” This research article was published in the Delaware State University E-Journal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council -Dynamic Self Matters, Second edition May 22. This article asks the questions - Is mental illness a disease or a social construct of society? Is there a real or spurious association between mental illness, deviance, and crime? The article advances that many mental health individuals have been stereotyped as criminals because Delaware’s criminal justice system is limited in recognizing when someone needs treatment and not imprisonment. Read the full article at: https://www.desu.edu/sites/flagship/files/delaware_state_university_e_journal-spring2022.pdf Dr. Stephanie Mullings Programme Director and Lecturer, College of Health Sciences