Voices Magazine Vol 5 Iss 01

VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica | April – June 2022 16 Dr. The Hon. Rae Davis, OJ Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Presented to School of Engineering Students Third year School of Engineering (SOE), Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FENC) Civil Engineering student Kaalah Cespedes is the grateful recipient of the Dr. The Honourable Rae Davis, OJ Memorial Scholarship, which was presented by his widow Mrs. Jemelia Davis, and his daughter Miss Philippa Davies, at a special ceremony at the UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus on April 8, 2022. During the ceremony, a bursary was also presented to Shenelle Tyrell, 3rd year Civil Engineering student. Following his passing in 2021, the Memorial Scholarship was created by his family, to honour the former President of the University of Technology, Jamaica for his impact and remarkable contribution to the institution. Dr. Davis, who served as the University’s second president from 1996 to 2006, led the successful transition of the institution from college to university. To be eligible for the scholarship, students were required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above, while being enrolled in the their third or fourth year of an Engineering degree course of study. Scholarship contenders were also expected to be actively involved in community service and volunteerism, and be able to demonstrate verifiable financial need. Candidates faced a panel of judges during interviews administrated by the University’s Scholarship Office. Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, UTech, Jamaica noted that the scholarship is a “fitting and appropriate” way to honour Dr. Davis’ memory, expressing that “Dr. Davis always promoted excellence. Professor Gyles also praised Dr. Davis’ contribution to education, not only at UTech, Jamaica, but also at the national level through his crafting and guidance of policy. Noting that the scholarship was a fitting way to honour the memory of her husband, Mrs. Davis thanked the University for its support in her family’s time of bereavement, and for the continued efforts to honour Dr. Davis’ memory. She also congratulated the scholarship and bursary recipients for their “outstanding performance not only in the classroom, but also in the interview”, adding that “the family will be very keen on hearing about your progress and how you are doing later on.” Miss Davies, adding her congratulations, expressed hope that “when you have attained your great heights, you will look behind you to help others on their way.” Kaalah Cespedes, who responded also on behalf of her fellow recipient, expressed heartfelt gratitude at the opportunity, noting that as prospective engineers, “Dr. Davis’ achievements and involvements are very big shoes to fill.” She indicated that the scholarship has assisted her and her fellow recipient to “move another rung on the ladder to success by giving us a chance to achieve our dreams,” adding that “it has opened a door to a brighter future and will play a key role in shaping us into successful engineers someday.” Third year Civil Engineering students Kaalah Cespedes (3rd left) and Shenelle Tyrell (2nd left) happily display their cheques for the Dr. The Honourable Rae Davis, OJ Memorial Scholarship and Bursary respectively, during a special presentation ceremony at the University of Technology, Jamaica Papine Campus on April 8, 2022. Sharing the happy occasion are (from left) Mrs. Carolyn Ferguson-Arnold, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FENC), Professor Colin Gyles, Acting President, UTech, Jamaica, Mrs. Jemelia Davis, widow of Dr. the Honourable Rae Davis, OJ, former UTech, Jamaica President and Ms. Philippa Davies, his daughter. Dr. Davis’ official portrait from his time as UTech, Jamaica President is visible at right.