Pioneering Past and Bright of Impactful Research and Scholarly Achievements

“EXCELLENCE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE” P A G E 10 UTECH, JAMAICA’S RESEARCH MANAGEMENT ECOSYSTEM School of Graduate Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship (SGSRE) The School of Graduate Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), established in 2007, operates as UTech, Jamaica’s research and innovation management office. The SGSRE is staffed by Research Management Technical Officers and Administrative Support personnel. The SGSRE “guides and supports research activities as directed by the research mandate of the university. The research mandate aims to promote applied and commissioned research that will provide solutions to societal needs.” At UTech, Jamaica, the SGSRE has been designated “owner and driver” of the university’s strategic research-related initiatives, and is required to provide performance status reports on them at monthly meetings of the University’s Executive Management Committee. Supporting the work of the SGSRE are College/Faculty Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Coordinators (C/ FGSRECs) serving as the critical link between the SGSRE and the various academic units within the University. Specific Roles and Responsibilities of the SGSRE 1. Provide linkages among Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship. 2. Vigorously promote industrial/professional graduate research degrees at both the master’s and doctoral levels. 3. Develop a formula for equitable allocation of returns from income-generating research and consultancy ventures. 4. Lead inter-disciplinarity for research and consultancy among FacultyGraduate Studies Research & Entrepreneurship Units (FGSREUs). 5. Organize a system of mentorship and pastoral care for graduate students. 6. Establish system for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. 7. Develop benchmarking of FGSREUs research activities with respect to: research planning, staff participation in research, graduate students, research income, research outcome, and research impact.