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Scholarship is offered through a Graduate Research Scholarship

Programme for recent top graduates to pursue graduate research

degrees, and funding support is provided through Graduate

Assistantships for candidates enrolled in taught graduate courses.

It is expected that students pursuing research degrees should be

sponsored by an end user of the likely outcome of the research


Graduate Research Scholarship Programme

The Graduate Research Scholarship Programme makes allowances

for the waiver of two MPhil and one PhD candidates’ tuition fees or

three research candidates per College/Faculty. Candidates awarded

the scholarship will be engaged as laboratory demonstrators, tutorial

assistants and/or research assistants in their area of research focus

in the College/Faculty in which they are pursuing graduate research.

Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistantship is a temporary, junior academic

appointment of a fixed-term involving responsibilities of assisting

faculty in teaching, research and administrative services.

Application procedure

Candidates are nominated by their respective College/Faculty for

both the Graduate Research Scholarship Programme and the

Graduate Assistantships.

• Graduate Research Scholarship Programme

Nominations should be submitted before July 31 for the August

intake and November 30 for January intake.

• Graduate Assistantships

Nominations are accepted at the beginning of the academic year

for the taught graduate course.

Additional information on these programmes can be obtained from

the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship

or at:


The University offers the opportunity for individuals to pursue higher

degrees by research based on specific interests. Research degrees

are designed to foster explicit links between research and

professional practice and development. A framework is provided

where specific taught elements appropriate to graduate study are

combined with a substantial piece of original research. Research

students will be given the opportunity to work with individuals who

are at the forefront in research in their field of interest.

For further information or an informal discussion of research

opportunities available in a particular subject area please

contact the:

School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship


University of Technology, Jamaica

237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, JAMAICA

Tel: (876) 927-1680-8 exts: 3139 / 3209

Fax: (876) 970-3149

during the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.,

Monday - Friday