Summary of Graduate Courses of Study

APPLICATIONS DEADLINES May 31, 2022 - for Admission for August 2022 August 31, 2022 - for Admission for January 2023 All applicants are encouraged to apply online. The online process is FREE and is designed to make the submission of your application as easy and accurate as possible and should last approximately 20 minutes. SUBMISSION OF PAPER APPLICATION FORMS Applicants who are not applying on-line must either print an application form from the University’s website or obtain one from the Office of Admissions & Enrolment Management. A non-refundable application fee of JA$1,000.00 for Jamaican residents and US$40.00 for Non-Jamaicans must be paid at the Accounts department before the collection of application forms or upon submission of application forms downloaded from the website. All downloaded application forms and proof of qualifications must be submitted to an Admissions Representative along with the receipt of payment. Submitting certified documentary evidence *Copies of academic, birth and marriage certificates must be submitted along with the completed application form. Passport & Drivers Licence may also be submitted. These copies must be certified and stamped only by a Minister of Religion, Justice of the Peace, Attorney-at-Law or Medical Practioner. ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS SHOULD ONLY BE SUBMITTED UPON REQUEST BY THE UNIVERSITY. Documents that have been tampered with will not be accepted and the applicant will forfeit chances of admissions to the University. Applications and supporting documents must be returned to the Office of Admissions & Enrolment Management at 237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 or at our Western Campus, 17 Dome Street, Montego Bay, by 4:00 pm on the deadline. Transcripts from other tertiary institutions must also be submitted by the closing date for receipt of applications. Forms not properly completed, without proof of processing fee or without supporting documentation will not be processed ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES 1. Read the Summary of Graduate Courses of Study to identify your course of study. 2. Click on “ Apply Online ”. 3. Click on “ Start a new application ”. 4. Complete all four (4) sections and submit your application on-line. 5. Print application confirmation page. 6. Supporting documents should be emailed to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment Management at jm but must be sent/taken in with the confirmation page, no later than May 31, 2022 for August 2022 start and no longer than August 31, 2022 for January start The application process is not complete until all the supporting documents are submitted to UTech, Jamaica APPLY ONLINE 1