Summary of Graduate Courses of Study

University of Technology, Jamaica Table of Contents ADMISSIONS PROCEDURE 1 APPLY ONLINE 1 GRADUATE APPLICANT CHECKLIST 2 MATRICULATION VIA PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT 2 FEES 3 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT School of Advanced Management 4 COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES School of Allied Health & Wellness 5 Caribbean School of Nursing 6 School of Pharmacy 7 JOINT COLLEGES OF MEDICINE, ORAL HEALTH AND VETERINARY SCIENCES College of Oral Health Sciences 7 School of Public Health & Health Technology 7 FACULTY OF EDUCATION AND LIBERAL STUDIES School of Technical & Vocational Education 8 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTING School of Computing & Information Technology 9 School of Engineering 9 FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND SPORT Caribbean School of Sport Sciences 10 School of Mathematics & Statistics 10 School of Natural & Applied Sciences 10 FACULTY OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Caribbean School of Architecture 11 School of Building and Land Management 11 GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP 12 HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH 12 ABOUT UTECH, JA inside back cover The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica) is established by an Act of the Jamaican Parliament, The University of Technology, Jamaica Act and is the continuation of a long tradition of delivering internationally recognized courses since 1958, spanning the era when the institution was known as the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST). The University is committed to excellence in all aspects of its course of study offerings. By submitting its courses of study to accrediting bodies for review and accreditation, the University provides additional assurance of the high quality of its courses in accordance with international standards. The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) has registered UTech, Ja. as a tertiary institution. The University was granted Institutional Accreditation effective February 2018. When institutional accreditation is granted, the programmes are recognized by the UCJ, local and international stakeholders, as meeting minimum acceptable standards. Other accreditation or professional regulatory bodies to which the University subscribes and which give further assurance of the quality of UTech, Jamaica’s courses in accordance with internationally recognized professional standards include the following: i. Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) ii. Instititution of Engineering and Technology (IET) iii. Pharmacy Council of Jamaica iv. Nursing Council of Jamaica v. Dental Council of Jamaica vi. Council of Legal Education vii. The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) viii. International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Published - September 2021 ACCREDITATION