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Making appointments at UTech's Health Centre can now be done online! This will minimize bottle-necks and waiting time thereby making your experience at the Health Centre a pleasurable one.


  • Provide online, real-time appointment schedules!
  • Minimize data entry when creating your profile!
  • Schedule online appointments from literally anywhere with a computer device and internet access!
  • Allow only available slots to be selected from a graphical calendar!
  • Re-schedule/cancel appointments already scheduled!
  • Sends confirmation emails!

Other Information:

  • Business Owner:
    • UTech Health Centre

  • Development Team:
    • Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) - Admin Experience
    • Learning Technology Support Unit (LTSU) - Staff/Student Experience, Design

  • Project Team:
    • Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) - Requirements Gathering/Programming
    • Learning Technology Support Unit (LTSU) - Programming, Design
    • Information Systems Unit (IS) - Permissions
    • Human Resource Department (HRM System) - Staff Data
    • SITS Vision (SITS:Vision) - Student Data

  • Website Version:
    • Version v1.0
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